5 Old Soviet Civil Defense Book

Old Soviet Civil Defense Book

Here is an old Soviet civil defense book. Books like this were used to raise awareness of
sudden attack performed on Soviet Union in masses. Like, what to do if nuclear bomb drops.

6 Soviet Traffic Controllers on the Streets of Europe

Soviet Traffic Controllers on the Streets of Europe

After Russian army entered Europe in 1944-45 they have started putting their traffic controllers on the crossroads of the main European cities. Same thing was done by Nazi commanders a few years
before - they have installed the German language road signs all over the Europe and conquered part of Russia, now this time the road signs were in Russian. Let's see how it was.

0 Russian Strategic Bombers Tu-22m3 on a March

Russian Strategic Bombers Tu-22m3 on a March

These machines are rare target for the airplane spotters and it was a big luck, says Svetlana, the author of the photos, that they got them. One of the most nice looking Russian planes, the strategic
TU-22M3s were on a march from Novosibirsk, Russia to Tajikistan where they were invited in Russia-Tajikistan drill near the Afghanistan border. Let's see them up close, thanks to Svetlana:
6 Fighting for Ukraine

Fighting for Ukraine

"Hey, guys, what are you fighting for?" "Because of Ukraine!". "But you are Russian guys, why do you fight for Ukraine?" Even the lowest "spheres"
of society have a quarrel on the subject of Ukraine. By the way it was filmed in Norilsk - "the most polluted city on the Earth".

18 Soviet Union in 1985

Soviet Union in 1985

Year 1985 was an important year. That year Soviet Communist party and Gorbachev started declaring their "new course". People were not afraid, they got used that top official words mean little for their everyday lives. But not at this time. Who could just imagine
that because of this worlds their life would change drastically, the things they got used would disappear and the Soviet State itself would cease to exist just in a few years? And this is how the life looked just on the verge of all this:
set - 20
6 Most Awesome Looking Chocolate from Russia

Most Awesome Looking Chocolate from Russia

  The artisan chocolate theme is pretty popular now, no problem with this. Here and there little "hipster" companies appear making "all raw, 100% organic, fairtrade small batch true chocolate". However, Russian hipsters are different. One guy, let's call him Alex, has created something that look like a very very
awesome chocolate for any guy. Guns, bullets, Soviet memorabilia, wrenches, bolts, shoe horns and many many other "rusty" things are in reality are chocolate bars in full size and the rusty brownish tint is a chocolate powder. You won't believe your eyes how realistic it all looks! Let's see:

5 Gagarin Birthday Today

Gagarin Birthday Today

It's 9th of March and it's birthday of first man in space Yuri Gagarin. If he didn't tragically die in 1968 at the age of
thirty-four he could be eighty-two years old today. Let's just refresh our memories a bit with this few photos of the Russian hero.

1 Russian Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov Goes on Repairs

Russian Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov Goes on Repairs

Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" is on repairs now in the port of Murmansk before going to Mideterrean and Syria
this summer. Marina, the blogger went up close to the giant boat to make some awesome shots, and here they are!

6 Russian Governmental Motorcade Transport History

Russian Governmental Motorcade Transport History

These days if you are in Moscow you can see an interesting exhibition. It tells the story of Russian motorcades used by top authorities - presidents, top Communist party officials and even the motor car of Russian Emperor
Nicholas II thru the years with all restored exhibits. Evge Chesnakov a blogger went there and made those awesome photos together with captions and we tell his story here too! Let's see how did they roll!

6 Girls of Soviet Union

Girls of Soviet Union

It's 8th of March today, universally acclaimed "women's day" in all ex Soviet countries and date of much importance for all Soviet people during USSR time. There was a matching pair of dates equally important for all Soviet boys, girls, men and women - the 8th of March - the women's day and February 23d was universally considered to
be  a men's day. Every girl had to get a present for 8th of March, no exception no matter if she was 2 years old or 98 years old - women were getting presents on these day, hands down, and still do get. So because it was that important let's see some Soviet gals, girls, ladies, women back from that era.

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