Russian handmade

18 Two Handmades

Two Handmades

Two handmade things that can be easily made at home from some widely used materials, such as matchsticks and plastic cups. First one is plastic cup
ball, you would just need one stapler and a bunch of cups, then in ten to thirty minutes you would have your own plastic cup ball.

46 Logos Gone Wild

Logos Gone Wild

Russian photoshop masters from decided to imagine a bit how did the logos of the famous brands could
act if they were not printed objects but real life creatures. See what they came to with this.
Russia, Pacman

28 Pacman Goes Moscow

Pacman Goes Moscow

Pacman and jelyfish went exploring Moscow. And it was not a
marketing campaign of any sort, just pure act of exploration.
19 No Road Markings, Please

No Road Markings, Please

Driving in Russia is largerly intuitive, who needs road markings when he
controls the situation? And this video is a good proof for this statement.
Parking in Moscow, Russia

10 Park Bit Closer

Park Bit Closer

We've had already here an evidence that people try to park effictevily in Russia, and here is another exactly same situation, when a few cars were parked
as close as they could so the owner also had to get out through his car's fifth door in order to be able drive out from his parking lot.
14 The Teabag Tragedy

The Teabag Tragedy

A sad story of Mr.
Teabag and his beloved
Russian parade

21 Parade Wars

Parade Wars

Some Russian people have their own look at
parade pics. via tebe-interesno
Russian robots

22 Robo Somethings

Robo Somethings

This days there is robot contest held in Moscow where different Russian self-made robots participate. It's
not clear what are the robots for, so the captions are just translated from what we had.
Train in Russia

40 Russia: Train Tickets, No

Russia: Train Tickets, No

Are you going travel to Russia. Would you like to buy Russian train tickets? Well you don't need to if you want to feel
yourself for a moment Russian. Trainhiking is very common, some do it for fun some for just saving the ticket price.

25 Fire?


It looks like it fire, but
what's burning?

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