Golf got under road in Russia
29 Under Road

Under Road

This VW didn't get underwater, it got under road, as such thing can happen only in post Soviet space, this time in
Ukraine. The people had to escape through the bagage door as it was the only part of the car not under the road.
Russian Jesus Monopoly Game
32 Jesus Monopoly

Jesus Monopoly

In Russia they sell monopoly game devoted to Jesus and 10 commandments. I am not sure if it is Russian invention, or Western world inspired one, but seems it is. They have made this game in monopoly style dice-throwing ahead-going bonus getting game. Four children can compete by throwing a dice and trying not to be caught in the trap of one of the deadly sins. The winner is the one who has got bought, no not bought, just got all ten commandments cards in one hand, earlier than anyone else. One can trade his collected commandments cards with other to get better commandments set or just to speculate the commandments set if he has plenty for those who has
none. Also according to the rules there are also situations when nobody wins - if the commandments cards are evenly distributed among other and nobody gets all ten everyone in this case considered to be a looser, but the guy with the most of commandments cards is the best player of the set. The one who has traded most of the commandments cards is considered to be the winner or the most righteous guy of the set. It's not quite clear was this game devoted to teach Christianity or to show the flaws of the concept. It is aimed to "children age 8 and older" and is being sold for $2.00 in Russian toy stores.
Most dirty appartment in the world, in Russia, Moscow
33 World’s Dirtiest Appartment

World’s Dirtiest Appartment

There were some photos of dirty appartments on Internet lately. But this one for sure will beat them all. That was for sure the dirtiest appartment in the world ever. According to the original Russian story behind those pics, there was an old man living in this flat. He had a weird passion to collect different garbage whenever he traveled and bring it home. So as time passed, he got as much garbage that he had to clean up his way thru
the flat when he wanted to go from one room to another or to the entrance door. And then one day the pipe was broke, and he had to call the plumbers. When the plumbers arrived (on photos) they were shocked. They had to waste hours to take just a part of the garbage out so that to enter the flat with their equipment and the garbage from the flat occupied all the loby and area behind the lobby.
Russian calendar
24 Russian Economic Crisis Calendar

Russian Economic Crisis Calendar

From time to time we have Russian custom design calendars. Many readers enjoy them. The world's economic crisis inspires such creations now. The calendar is devoted to bankrupted previously
living rich traders and bankers. The one above reads: "So friend, you finished playing on market? Then go clean my shoes in supermarket!" Let's see what's more inside:
Russian girl is having fun
91 Dare the Train

Dare the Train

Russian teens have now new fun. They dare trains. This is needed to be done fast, because if one is appearing before the train too long before and machinist could see him and start breaking, so they run on the rails just before the
train so he couldn't start breaking and fell down on the rails, then the train moves above the person at his maximum speed, just a few inches from his head and back. Russian teen girls seem to go for this too.
Russian Lamborghini Crash
27 Lambo Smacked 2

Lambo Smacked 2

So it's a second day in a row they smack yellow Lamborghini cars in Russia. This one is totally different
from the one we had tomorrow and again smashed against something so it can't be restored now.
House in Russia
18 Hand Carved House

Hand Carved House

Seems that this lady has done a big job decorating her house. All those
elements were hand carved from wood and then carefully installed in place.
Russian cat and Russian Dog
53 Like Cat and Dog, Not

Like Cat and Dog, Not

Russian cat and Russian dog are
true friends, just look at them.
17 Uzbek Football

Uzbek Football

Football (soccer) training
of Uzbekistan national team.
15 Protect Your Children, Russian View

Protect Your Children, Russian View

This video footage is a social ad being aired in Russia. It's main idea that Internet helps unwanted entities to affect one's children. All the incoming heroes of the video ask if the woman's children are at home, and the come inside visiting them, except the last man. He asks "Is your small Anny at home?", then Anny appears with a bunny and he wonders "If that's your little bunny?", Anny nods, and then he says "Come on I'll show
you the real bunny" and they leave together. Then man's voice asks "In real life you could protect your children, why don't you want to do this on Internet?". They say the video might prepare masses for some censorship measures. Who knows, but the video itself seems to be kind of controversial. Update: And this is the version from Ukraine, devoted to the same task of privacy protection:

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