Remove cloths tag in shops, from Russia
43 Russian Guide for Tag Removals

Russian Guide for Tag Removals

In Russia they sometimes publish some things in blogs that might be considered unethical to publish in some places. For examples this is a guide for removal a magnetic security tag you can meet in dress stores. Person who published this says it's just
for fun, or for using in actual store or just to use if you got the item and they forgot to remove the tag in the store so you can do it by yourself. It's kind of his disclaimer. So if to get back to the guide all one would need is
Russian cooked beaver
51 Russian Cooked Beaver

Russian Cooked Beaver

In Russia men eat beavers. That's not what you might thought about, I mean they EAT BEAVERS. Just first go to the forest, get some fat nice beavers the way other hunters catch hares or let's say birds then
cook it and eat. They say it's very tasty and can be cooked just like some other meat. If you are not ready to see a beaver preparation process then better now look below this jump.
lamp lights up from walkie-talkie
29 Light Up Your Lamp

Light Up Your Lamp

Not many know that those nowadays popular energy saving bulbs would lighten up from the walking walkie-talkie set if it's close
enought to the lamp. One can amaze his friends with this simple easy but effective trick demonstrated by Russian blogger.
23 A Fur Tree in the Lungs

A Fur Tree in the Lungs

The X-ray photograph. Yesterday Russian media reported a weird medical story about the man from Russian city Izhevsk. The man had severe pains in his chest and went to the doctor for a consultation. After the X-rays were made the doctors were sure the patient has a tumor in his lungs and decided to perform surgery. "When I opened the tumour I found something very strange - so strange that I couldn't believe my eyes", was telling the surgeon to journalists, "there was a real
fur-tree, but very little it was, just a few cm (about one inch) tall growing through his lungs. I blinked three times and then called my assistant to take a look, and then he confirmed this". The tree was removed later and was sent to a lab for tests on how it could get growing there. The photo of the object together with the surrounding body part is down there, thow it's not too pleasant to look at. The patient.
Russian trains in Russian cities in Russia
21 City Trains

City Trains

In some Russian and ex-Soviet cities there are places where
train rails are situated very close to some nice scenery.
14 No Spiders Allowed

No Spiders Allowed

Probably they have a sign "No Spiders Allowed"
so he had to leave his pet tied to the door...
Russian iphone nano concept
21 iPhone Nano from Russia

iPhone Nano from Russia

[caption id="attachment_2505" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Russian iphone nano concept"][/caption] People from all the world try to guess would Apple come up with its iPhone nano model - the smaller in
size iPhone alternative - or won't. One Russian designer says new iPhone could look like this, with the old fashioned dial which is operated like iPod dial but for dialing the numbers. via ru_designer
Watermelon car in Ukraine, Russia
33 The Watermelon Car

The Watermelon Car

Now after the watermelon bags meet
watermelon car from Ukraine.
Russian drawing of the movie
21 Paintbrush Movie

Paintbrush Movie

Russian bloggers had something to do lately. The task was simple - to open up MS Paint and draw down some
well-know scene from any popular movie. Hundreds of hand made paint movie scenes, how much can you name?
World extreme public transportation in Russia
56 World’s Most Extreme Public Transportation?

World’s Most Extreme Public Transportation?

Where is the world's most extreme public transportation service is located in? It can easily be assumed that in Norilsk city, Russia. Norilsk people say about themselves "We have seen snowings in June, our parents are going to the job in the column of the buses leaded and followed by
special snow clearing machines, our city was built by prisoners, when we hear that the weather is going to be warmer it means it would be -10, and we don't have any homeless - just none would survive at -54". This photos were made in the buses of Norilsk city.

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