Russian social network people

11 Social Finds

Social Finds

There is one Russian online community members of which are fond of finding different strange looking people among the participants of Russian social networks and publishing them there. The community name is "The School of Freaks" and
today we can see their latest finds. Top 18 most disturbing Russian social network guys (and gals) from the last week. Captions are just translated from Russian. First one, above: "Shrek is not green, he is gay"
Famous comedies become horror 45

14 Comedy Goes Horror

Comedy Goes Horror

"Bridget Jones Diary" Russian Photoshop Masters from decided to imagine how the dvd covers
of famous comedy movies could look if they turned to horror films, or vice versa.
7 The Plasma Radio

The Plasma Radio

This video of so called "plasma radio" is popular lately on Russian blogs. The shown effect is very cool. Here is a short story to understand it: Location: Brovary town, Russia. Transmitter output: 150 kW Also used: old Soviet antennas, 90 meteres (280 ft) long cable. That's all what you need for UNSAFE experiments to receive radio waves. In the area of the effect of radio waves very big
potential difference emerges. Because of the modulation of the radio signal the electical spark arc starts vibrating with the human voice and begins to "speak". The intensity of current in such "radio" can reach hundreds of ampers and it easily can molt metals. Such electricity doesn't have any barriers, it can come through the thick tree. Don't try this at home!
Best Russian ads

15 Best Russian Ads

Best Russian Ads

Most creative Russian ads - ads made by ex
Soviet media companies lately.
Russian girl parking

23 Parking Sensor Fail

Parking Sensor Fail

This Russian girl was parking her Land Rover SUV and was moving backwards. Then her car fell down from the edge and smashed a few cars parked down there
too. Then the girl was asked: "Why did you do this?", and her answer was "Well, my parktronic (the parking assist system) was silent!".
Russian house

11 Shed House

Shed House

One might think this houses in Smolensk city, Russia are preparing for their summer skin shedding, and become more brown. In reality that's how the local house maintainers are making
houses coldproof. They just put raw PU foam on the walls, around the flats and with some time the fawn-coloured foam starts looking like this brownish substance.
Russian blondes in Riga

50 Blonde Day

Blonde Day

This weekend they had the Day of
the Blonde in Riga.
Bubbles from CD

28 The CD Bubbles

The CD Bubbles

This Russian girl can teach you on this video how to make bubbles out of regular CD, they look like soap bubbles and when they cool down they remind condoms in a
way. All you need is just a regular CD or DVD and then a lighter. She explains the rest of the process. That's an example of outcomes.
Russian UFO in Moscow

34 Moscow UFO?

Moscow UFO?

Russian people of Moscow got nice view a few days ago from their windows on the late night skies. "At 2.00am we went to walk our friends over, and then has seen THIS. It
was moving with the speed of the plane so I didn't have enough time to get the holder to make more clear shots.", writes the lady who made the photos.
Russian medieval fight

28 Medieval Fight

Medieval Fight

Another Russian fun to dress into the medieval Russian warriors, then build some castles of wood logs and play real time 3d strategies,
without using computers, but with real iron weapons. Some parties also use fire to burn the castle down and occupy it.