Russian car thieves

25 New Car Thieves

New Car Thieves

If before car thieves mainly were looking inside of the car to get some accidentally left bag or car cd, then these days they switched to the surface of the car, thanks to all this fast electrical tools available to public
today. The car owner is risking to find his car stripped of most vital body parts in minutes when he leaves his car unattended on the street. Below photos a few of such accidents happened in Russia.
Russian renovation

19 Fast Renovation

Fast Renovation

If you want to give your city new cool renovated look and don't want to spend much you can take the tip from Yekaterinburg city officials who have ordered
cool looking canvases and just put them on top of the houses where people live so that their city could look more attractive in summer.
12 Granny vs Steps

Granny vs Steps

After they have opened this new shopping mall they wanted to attract more people and made some crazy sales for particular goods. This old
granny wanted to take something first before others and look how she fought for her right with that mechanical moving monster.
Celebrities shaved

32 Sorry, no moustache

Sorry, no moustache

Russian bloggers tried to imagine how some famous celebrities could look without the
face hair. They face shaved them with a stroke of a photoshop eraser.
Russian Mona Lisa

16 Russian Firefighter Mona Lisa

Russian Firefighter Mona Lisa

Now they have their own Firefighter Mona Lisa (also known as La Gioconda) dressed into Russian army uniform depicted on the front of fire dept of
Grodno city. She is surrounded by Russian firefighters and the look on her face gives out that she enjoys her new assignment.
Russian personal railway

15 Personal Railroad

Personal Railroad

Some people are fond of collecting toy trains and building complex railroads to run them on. Guys in Russia were not satisfied with such approach. They've started building their not-so-toy
personal railroad system across their plot. "The best way to move around your land is on your own railroad", says the guy who made this. But in winter it gets even more complicated.
Russian girls swim

9 Floating Away

Floating Away

Where are those brave Russian girls floating to?
Probably to get some more Jaguar drink.
Russian social art

19 Automobiles are by Devil

Automobiles are by Devil

Art in Russia sometimes goes on streets too. This time in form of a social propaganda for more concious living. First one reads "Magic of computer is a devil's magic. Youth gets destruction of integrity of reality, the
perceptance of the around life is being torn to pieces, like a computer game in which you can restart as many times as you like from the beginning. Young people turn into bio-robots and it's very pity."
Russian ferrari got burned down

30 Ferrari on Fire

Ferrari on Fire

How reliable Ferrari cars are? Let's ask this unnamed owner of Ferrari from Moscow Russia: "I owned Ferrari for 30 minutes. Just bought it for 600,000 EUR and was heading home, when I noticed some smoke coming out from under the hood, I promptly pulled to the sideway and ran out of the car. Just in minutes all my new Ferrari
was caught on fire. I really don't know what has happened." We hope her Ferrari has just had some uncommon flaw and the luxury cars of this well known brand are safe and reliable. The firemen that came to help, just couldn't do anything, though they got nice photos and video footage for us now.
Russian guy and his boneless fingers

11 Boneless Fingers

Boneless Fingers

This Russian guy seems to have
boneless fingers.