8 Russian Guy Marries a Pizza

Russian Guy Marries a Pizza

This Russian guy from Tomsk city has married a pizza. He even managed to receive
an official marriage certificate and held a ceremony.  Here is his story.

6 Lada Tarzan: Russian Lada All Road Car from 1990s

Lada Tarzan: Russian Lada All Road Car from 1990s

In the 1990s, after the USSR had already collapsed and while the new Russian state was just forming, there were some great projects popping up from old Soviet industrial giants which had been
privatized. Some of them were only produced in limited quantities and here is the one such "miracle car" - LADA TARZAN - a Russian take on combining an SUV base with a regular passenger car.

11 Almost abandoned Russian city – Sinegorye near Magadan Russia

Almost abandoned Russian city – Sinegorye near Magadan Russia

This town in the Magadan region of Russia is called "Sinegorye" or "Blue Mountains". A very nice name for a town, but in reality this is an almost completely abandoned place, and is now the size of a village. Its population has fallen by 70% since the collapse of the USSR and so almost 3/4 of its buildings remain empty
and abandoned, including many huge apartment complexes like the one in the a picture above. Sergey, the awesome Russian blogger we so like to post here, has visited this place and says it's very easy to say which buildings are abandoned - in the abandoned buildings all of the window glass is broken.

10 Russian Depressing and Creepy Kids Playgrounds

Russian Depressing and Creepy Kids Playgrounds

Some time before we published from time to time some of the creepiest images taken at Russian kids playgrounds. For some reason many cities have plenty of those - maybe because the playgrounds are maintained by enthusiasts who are not very aesthetically sound and just do their best to support what they have. But this doesn't make this
things installed on the playgrounds look less creepy and strange. Just I am sure you would be shocked on how strange Russian playgrounds can look. In many instances you won't be able to identify what the authors have tried to achieve, and be swept away by the materials they used. Really depressing scenery inside!

2 Palace of Peter the Great’s Greatest Friend

Palace of Peter the Great’s Greatest Friend

Russian statesman Menshikov is well known in Russia. He is often referred as the best and the only friend of Russia's greatest innovator Tsar Peter the Great. They say that de facto this person was a ruler of Russia for two consecutive years. His official titles included Prince
of Russia, Duke of Ingria and many more. So for sure this man needed a palace as all Tsars did at that times and so he had one. Thanks to Russian blogger Deletant we are able to see the best luxury and style man could buy at that time in Russia. Let's see!

7 Mountains of Dagestan and 1000 Year Old Village

Mountains of Dagestan and 1000 Year Old Village

Most foreigners find it hard to give an answer if they are asked what Dagestan is or where it is located. In fact, Dagestan is not a separate country like Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan or Pakistan, but rather a part of Russia, although the southernmost part. It borders Azerbaijan and Georgia and has Chechnya as its closest neighbor in Russia. A big part of it consists of
the Caucasian mountains and the word Dagestan itself means "country of mountains". If one side of the region is mountains, the other side is the shore of the warm Caspian sea. Thanks to Russian blogger El Magico or Andrei G. who travelled there recently we can see some road pics of the place and get to know it better. Let's see what he got!

4 Beauty of Kola Peninsula: The Geologists Pass

Beauty of Kola Peninsula: The Geologists Pass

Kola peninsula is a large peninsula in the northernmost part of Western Russia, next to the most northern part of Norway. It has a very harsh climate, and the summers are very short and not too warm, but it has really awesome nature which of course lacks vegetation but because of this looks very
harsh and severe. Just look at those awesome photos taken by Russian photographer Vasili G. According to his statement one particular place there - called Geologist's Pass is "a place everyone must see" so let's do it! All pictures are clickable and can be seen fullscreen.

4 Grand Canyon in Kazakhstan

Grand Canyon in Kazakhstan

The American Grand Canyon is of course a modern wonder of the world. It impresses you greatly when you see it in person and no wonder that millions of people each year visit it to see it with their own eyes. However, if USA is too far away from you and you still want to see
something similar - here is a way to do it - you can go to Kazakhstan. The ex-Soviet country can boast a place that is to a great degree visually similar to the American wonder of the world. Let's see how it looks inside, thanks to an awesome blogger, Rodham:

12 Russia’s New Polar Military Base is Close to the Northern Pole

Russia’s New Polar Military Base is Close to the Northern Pole

This is the Frantz Joseph Islands Archipelago - polar islands, some of the most Northern and closest you can get to the North pole. For years the only inhabitants were Russian soldiers, and now a new modern and highly technological military base has
been erected. Painted in the colors of the Russian flag, it makes this the closest a military base can get to the Northern pole. Let's see what's inside and how it was built, thanks to the Russian Ministry of Defense we can do it!

6 Barbie: International Muay Thai Champion from Belarus

Barbie: International Muay Thai Champion from Belarus

The Belarus website 'Onliner' publishes an interview with their countrywoman Ekaterina - a worldwide Muay Thai fighting champ. She says that her mission is to "break the stereotypes that a fighter should be ugly and man-like". Some people like the girls more than the stories, so this story should fit both types of audiences. Also, big thanks to Onliner for publishing
this!   Ekaterina doesn't go as "Ekaterina" when she fights on the ring. She goes under the nickname "Barbie". And who would argue with her choice? She started her Muay Thai lessons when she was 17. She hates when other female fighters try to look man-like. "They cut their hair, they get tatoos, I hate this!" says Yekaterina-the-great.