16 Soviet Steam Car Powered With Wood: The First And The Last

Soviet Steam Car Powered With Wood: The First And The Last

The unique truck we gonna tell you about appeared in 1949. People still remembered about severe war time when freighters had to perform their tasks with a shortage of liquid fuel - gasoline. Partially the problem was solved by
gas-producer vehicles - heavy and demanding - they allowed to get gas for powering engines. However such vehicles were not efficient enough and engineers thought about steamers which were used widely abroad in the 1920-40s. 
5 Classified Eggs

Classified Eggs

I mean, eggs as classifieds. Recently a new trend appeared in some Russian cities to use the mass chicken egg production as a medium for a short text messages that can instantly reach thousands of people in the city overnight, with a message as clear as it was texted to them by someone. The reason for this is partially because all eggs in Russia used to be marked with
expiry date by special dot printers, one by one, not just a case in bulk. Those dot printers are very easy to program and add anything else besides the exp. date, so they use them to print ads. The pic above features eggs advertising the sale of a "Peugeot" (French brand of cars) and the phone number of the seller. The one below is about...

13 Sermons In The Frost

Sermons In The Frost

The Eastern Orthodox Church, the second largest Christian Church in the world, will celebrate Easter in May. But before that there are days of long fasting. Today we'll look at
the life of Russian priests who came to the northern Russian town of Tiksi as missionaries to sermonize, conduct Mass and hasten the construction of a new church.

18 How the Sukhoi Superjets Are Being Built

How the Sukhoi Superjets Are Being Built

These Superjets are the first passenger jet planes that are built after the formation of new Russia and also that is the first passenger plane of SU company which previously built
only well known SU military jets. The 33rd airplane is being assembled currently in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. So today we can see how SSJ100 is built on the Far East of Russia.

0 How Half Wool Yarn Is Made

How Half Wool Yarn Is Made

What fabric is used for making uniforms worn by workers of administrative departments, railway companies and by schoolchildren? How woolens are made? To get answers to these questions we are at the Bryansk worsted factory. Worsted is rather different from woolen fabrics. They are made
from long wool subjected to combing. Worsted is thinner than woolen fabrics and it's not fluffy. The material is smooth or a bit fleecy, it can be purely made from wool, be half woolen (when cotton yarn is also used) or mixed when other fabrics are also added.
4 Birth of a Bottle

Birth of a Bottle

Right now we are going to the large factory making bottles in Novosibirsk, Russia. The factory started its work in 1954 as a maker of optoelectronic devices, cathode-ray tubes for oscillography and television picture tubes. In 1994 the mass production of TV equipment was over in Russia and the factory was repurposed to make glass jars.
Today the factory "Ekran" has a leading position among manufacturers of glass jars on the territory from the Urals to the Russian Far East. They make bottles for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, cans for juice, sauce and other products with capacity from 0,25 litres to 3 litres; bottles from brown glass.
4 Where Gold Comes From, Part II

Where Gold Comes From, Part II

Last time we started to tell you how gold is mined in the Akmola region of  Kazakhstan. This time we are going to show how the precious metal
is mined in East Kazakhstan by another company and what is needed to get a gold bar with weight of twelve kilograms (26.45 pounds).
8 Old Weaving Mill As Creepy As It Can Be

Old Weaving Mill As Creepy As It Can Be

Some Russian people still use products made at this mill. It used to be rather well-known, and it's still well-known, but
among those who like to visit industrial abandoned places. These are some pictures of this creepy and beautiful place.

16 Can You Live a Life Like This?

Can You Live a Life Like This?

While some people are mastering nanotechnologies and launching satellites, others live an old life or a bit worse. Only about 100 people remained in the village of Novoyemakovka in the Omsk region. They have no Internet or mobile connection, and guest
workers do not stay there for long. But they have a farm where villagers work. But we want to tell about one Russian woman, Lubov Andreevna Lavrentyeva, the pride of the whole region, repeated winner of various livestock competitions.

6 Hi Tech Oil Scouts Deep In Siberian Woods

Hi Tech Oil Scouts Deep In Siberian Woods

Seismic exploration includes geophysical methods of studying the Earth's crust, which are based on the study of artificially excited elastic waves. Seismic exploration is used to study the deep structure of the Earth and to find deposits of minerals (mainly oil and gas), to solve problems of hydrogeology and engineering
geology. Seismic survey is very reliable, it can obtain a huge amount of information. Big profit recoups the work of numerous expensive equipment that comes to the places which have never had any roads at all... Now we are going to spend some time with a seismic crew and see how they work.

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