russian bank 1

14 Bank Ad

Bank Ad

Russian biggest bank "Sberbank" has implemented mobile "Sberbi's" to attract new customers, but some
people say that looking at those creatures it's hard to believe in safety of their deposits.
Baby Dolls Fair in St. Petersburg, Russia 1

33 Baby Dolls

Baby Dolls

These are not mother and her numerous kids, this is a "Baby Doll Fair", a strange event in St.
Petersburg, Russia where dolls of infants, toddlers and babes are widely presented and being sold.
Car Accident of the Future 1

20 Car Accident of the Future

Car Accident of the Future

Soviet automobiles can't be called comfortable or high-quality. Soviet car will always break and it breaks, but never wants to give up. What's the matter? It's the XXI century and there are still lot's of
Soviet cars on the roads. And what is more strange, Russians not only drive them, they still crash them... into each other. For example, they managed to run this old tractor into Lada.
another abandonet Soviet town 1

140 Kadykchan. The City of Broken Dreams

Kadykchan. The City of Broken Dreams

No, this isn't Chernobyl and there isn't any dangerous radioactive background or toxic pollution. You can even live in this town... but there is no
reason for. This place has become absolutely useless after the collapse of the USSR, like many other Soviet industrial settlements.
New Island in Russia near Sochi 1

44 New Island in Russia

New Island in Russia

It seems like Russia (which is the biggest country in the world) tries to compete with Dubai (United Arab Emirates) in unique construction projects. Before the building of artificial skiing resort had been finished (the similar one stands in UAE), Russian government has presented to the public
the model of artificial island that will be raised from the Black Sea waters near Sochi coast in 2014, towards the opening of the Olympic Games. It is no no wonder that the island will be called "The Federation" - its shape will resemble the whole country in miniature.
the shots of Russian road 1
61 Travel Ural 2007

Travel Ural 2007

  These shots were made this summer, on the route of the regional significance that passes between the cities Syktyvkar, Ukhta and Pechora. It's hard to say much about the condition of the rest of the road, but this especial part the passing by drivers call "the lacet". And looking at these pictures it is getting
clear, that there is nothing strange in such a name, taking into account, that it isn't off-road driving. Of course there are a lot of paved roads too in Russia, and some are being severely reconstructed in order to improve the road system, but it's a great pity that such roads still exist.
abandoned azlk automobile factory 1

41 Abandoned AZLK Car Factory

Abandoned AZLK Car Factory

AZLK is a Soviet automobile factory situated in the South-East of Moscow, which was famous by producing various models of passenger car called Moskvich. In the first decade of the new
century the factory was closed. Now one can see how this place looks nowadays. For the almost seven years it turned into ruins that remind the lost city of Chernobyl.
cameroon internet earns millions on
5 Cameroon authorities earn millions on a similarity of “.cm” and “.com” TLDs

Cameroon authorities earn millions on a similarity of “.cm” and “.com” TLDs

Internet authorities of Cameroon have found that they are getting millions web requests daily as a result of people typing mistakes. People who type in a domain name sometimes miss a letter "o" and are geting ".cm" at the end of the domain instead of ".com". When you would multiply this to billions of .com requests daily you would understand how many requests land in Cameroon.  So what
do you think they have done? They made one template for all non-existent ".cm" domains and now all such requests end at a "search engine" alike webpage. All the clicks on this page are redirected to a search results of a "Pay-Per-Click" search engine Overture. You can try yourself if you want. Just type in any famous domain name but make it ".cm" not ".com".
61 How did the Richest Russians become Rich

How did the Richest Russians become Rich

Here I am going to tell you a story of one country. I guess you’ve heard some facts on its past but I am practically sure you don’t know some exact details. So the country in question is USSR, the country which doesn’t exist now, since 1991. The topic of the article is connected with richness, but it’s impossible to understand the roots of the problem if not to make a little digression and to learn some facts about USSR. The main thing I want to point your attention at was a fact that in USSR there was no right for private property for individuals. This might seem unbelievable but it’s true. Nobody was allowed to own things greater than his toothbrush or tv-set. Just stop for a second and try to imagine if all the things that you are got used to would
become impossible for you to own. You can’t own your house or apartment (apartments in USSR were just registered for a person’s name but belonged to the state). You don’t own your property so you can’t sell it and buy new, you can’t just sell it and get money for it! In USSR nobody could buy a property for himself, property was assigned to a person or to a family by a decision of a local branch of Communist party. And more than that you are not allowed to start a business and to own the things connected with business – you can’t have a shop, a warehouse, a service company, actually only state could own any companies. Tell me, but please honestly, can you imagine yourself living in such a place?
23 Russian blogger experience on earning $1000 from blogging with just 5 minutes a day with link to his blog.

Russian blogger experience on earning $1000 from blogging with just 5 minutes a day with link to his blog.

This is a blog post of a Russian blogger, who managed to hit the TOP rated sections of,, and other such websites everyday, with the articles he created daily. He managed to earn with Google AdSense and his blog some amount starting from zero. So here is the article, translated for your reading pleasure. Once a year I am getting obsessed with an idea of getting some
money from nothing. This year this obsession got me in spring. As you all know this is not my first year I earn my money in internet. Previously I used normal business schemes “Do something – Get paid”. Previously I was paid for thinking out web domain names, for promoting some software, for writing down press releases and so on. This was not interesting for me now.

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