9 A Horrible Flood In The Krasnodar Territory

A Horrible Flood In The Krasnodar Territory

Thousands of people in the Krasnodar Territory have lost their property in one night as a result of a natural calamity. The inundation carried away 14 lives. More than 1000 houses
suffered and it is impossible to restore most of them. The Russian Government and the regional authorities promised to pay each owner of a destroyed house 150 thousand rubles.
9 The Drowning Village

The Drowning Village

Today in mass-media the information about "natural cycles" is often accompanied by epithets "abnormal", "earlier not observed", "catastrophic" etc. This article is about problems directly connected with climatic changes. In the north of Yakutia there is a village Andryushkino. During the last decade catastrophic floods are observed there. And not only in spring but also in autumn! From
high waters suffers not only Andryushkino. In 2008 the decision on complex studying of the reasons for the change in hydrological mode of the Alazei River and for finding-out the reasons for the problem was accepted. On March, 4-th, 2008 in order to solve this sharp social and economic problem the "Alazeja-2008" complex research expedition was organized.
6 Ship Repair In Russia

Ship Repair In Russia

On Gorodetsky ship-repairing factory the work is moving along in high gear. Lifted on a slip steam-ship "Alexander Benua" looks as a model at an exhibition.
The propelling-steering complex is being repaired and ship's skin is also being replaced. Meanwhile they are dismantling wheels, screws and shafts.
4 The Production of Gypsum in Russia

The Production of Gypsum in Russia

Let's have a look on how gypsum is being mined. If you think that extraction of gypsum is none of your business, you're mistaken. Gypsum is practically everywhere - in building materials, hospitals, jewellery,works of art
and even, as the story goes, in McDonalds' rolls. Actually we cannot assert about the rolls, but the fact is that gypsum is a great hypoallergenic matter. Let's see how this Russian company produces them.
22 One of the Best Restaurants in Moscow

One of the Best Restaurants in Moscow

Artemy Lebedev, a famous Russian web-designer opened his own restaurant. At the moment it is one of the best restaurants of Moscow - here everything is very delicious and of high quality and the prices are quite low for Moscow at the same time. The design of the restaurant is neutral, so to say "an
interior without an interior". Cosy atmosphere and free internet. The place is popular among many people and also has its frequenters. The staff remembers them by names and knows their habits and special preferences. Frequenters also can pay for visiting Artemy's restaurant once a month.
37 Battle For Commercial Power

Battle For Commercial Power

A battle between power structures belonging to different shareholders of hypermarkets network "Lenta." Two persons considered themselves to be
legal general managers and couldn't settle this conflict in a peaceful way. To convince each other they used tear-gas and smoke pellets.

55 Russia’s Used-to-Be Marine Forces

Russia’s Used-to-Be Marine Forces

A great nation with an even greater heritage of its own. And I don’t even mean the cultural heritage but the military heritage that the Soviet Union had left behind to be heartily embosomed by successors of the fortune. Country that is half encircled by the sea and that has
always been a high-shot in the top of sea-lover countries gradually (well, it could has also been ‘rapidly,’ cause no matter what it doesn’t inflict a wrench to the story) began striking aground in terms of its marine power without even anchoring it.
Russian frozen power plant 1

22 The Frozen-Explosion Power Plant

The Frozen-Explosion Power Plant

We were tracking closely the story of the Russian power plant exploded and then was examined by experts, and tried to be repaired. Then some estimates appeared that it may take up to ten years to get it back in full scale, and some
doubted if it was worth at all. And while these talks are going on, here is how it looks now after major frosts going on this winter it looks really interesting, like some kind of movie sets for you name it movie.
Kremlin Stars
10 History of Kremlin Stars

History of Kremlin Stars

Stars appeared on Kremlin tower not long time ago. There were golden symbols of tzarism, double eagles, in the center of the country until 1935. From 1600’s four Kremlin towers(Troitskaya, Spasskaya, Borovitskaya, Nikolskaya) were decorated with Russian state organization
symbols – enormous golden double eagles. Right after Revolution a question about replacement double eagles on red stars for Kremlin towers arose. But such replacement would cost a lot that’s why it wasn’t done for the first years of the Soviet time.
11 A Line a-la in Post Soviet Reconstruction Times

A Line a-la in Post Soviet Reconstruction Times

This big line is not for kielbasa but for tax inspectorate № 46 in Moscow. The term of enterprise rewrite is finishing at the end of 2009 and people started to worry about that at the last minute. Hell № 46. For the many millions of people in
Moscow somebody really mean decided to direct all these people to one place- in this city the registration of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and farms is made only in Inter-district inspection of Federal tax service № 46.

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