6 Construction of The Krasnoyarsk Subway

Construction of The Krasnoyarsk Subway

The fact that Krasnoyarsk  has a subway or rather is under construction is not known to many. The project is underway and it is predicted to start operation in 2012 with 3 stations. The project is meant to have 3
lines and over 30 stations. The construction began way back in 1993, but due to lack of funds it was stalled. Currently, the construction has resumed and work is at full swing to meet the 2012 deadline.
58 7 Abandoned Wonders of the USSR

7 Abandoned Wonders of the USSR

The USSR has ceased to exist but its monuments still haunt the minds of millions. There are hundreds and thousands of artifacts reminding of the intense construction of the
"bright future" which never arrived. So let's take a closer look at the seven most interesting "wonders" of the USSR, all abandoned and left to the mercy of fate.
10 Down to the Metros Of Two Capitals

Down to the Metros Of Two Capitals

Best masters of architecture and visual arts participated in creation of the Moscow metro using people's art work. The railway
system leads an underground life of its own awaking our interest in investigating its vastness and admiring the view.
4 High Over Kiev

High Over Kiev

Previously people used the Great Lavra Belltower in Ukraine as the highest point to overlook the neighborhood. Klovskiy Street is famous with its skyscraper
which is now the highest building in the country. Today we'll climb the residential building to take pictures of night and pre-dawn city scenes.
5 Greatest Magnetic Anomaly In the World

Greatest Magnetic Anomaly In the World

A magnetic anomaly is a local variation in the Earth's magnetic field or deviations in values of a magnetic field on the surface of the earth
from the normal values. Magnetic anomalies are observed most intensively in areas where iron ores and other iron-containing rocks occur.
8 Unknown Consequences of the Chernobyl Disaster

Unknown Consequences of the Chernobyl Disaster

Poleski National Park was founded in 1988 on the territory of the Gomel region, Belarus. Its area is over 215 thousand ha. Over 1200 types of plants grow here which constitutes two thirds of total Belorussian
flora. The area remains under strict protection and any kind of economic activity is prohibited here providing tourists with a rare chance to see a piece of wild nature in the heart of Europe.
16 Town Of The Future

Town Of The Future

Skolkovo is a modern Russian center of research and development the construction of which will be started in the year of 2012. Skolkovo will embrace a university campus, an industrial zone,
and a cluster of research laboratories. It will also have a vast number of various facilities needed for scientists and white collars to organize their work and life on-site. 
3 Gold Of “The Uzbek Case”

Gold Of “The Uzbek Case”

"The Uzbek Case" is a famous criminal case about misappropriations, baksheeshes and misuse of public funds in the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic in 1970s-1980s. The case greatly stirred among the public, and it was no wonder -
more than 800 criminal cases were launched against more than 4000 people. They all were convicted on different criminal articles and sentenced to prison with total confiscation of property, particularly the loot.
5 Black Gold Production In Russia

Black Gold Production In Russia

While in Iraq or Saudi Arabia it is enough to bore one superficial chink in sand, Russian oil is
concentrated in the Siberian bogs where the winter is extremely cold and the summer is very hot.
22 Dying Ukrainian Sea Resorts

Dying Ukrainian Sea Resorts

Tourists still go to Sergeeevka - a cheap Black Sea resort which travel agencies present as a
beautiful spot. What we see is not so wonderful. Let's try to figure out why Black Sea resorts die.

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