5 An Abandoned Mine from Ural Mountains

An Abandoned Mine from Ural Mountains

Mr. Mishainik has visited an abandoned Ural mountain mine and got this photo set and a story: During World War 2 most of Russian mining was moved to Ural. The mining volumes escalated tremendously – resources were in
high demand by the army. This is a visit to one such mine, built and mining ore for the needs of the army at that time. Even though production stopped decades ago, the cars are still loaded with ore.

3 How Diamonds Are Mined (in Russia)

How Diamonds Are Mined (in Russia)

Diamonds were formed more than 300 million years ago. Kimberlite magma formed at a depth of 20 or 25 km. Magma gradually rises along faults in the crust and when the upper layer can no longer hold back the pressure of the magma, an eruption occurs. The first such "pipes" were found in Kimberley inSouth Africa and from there came the name. In the mid 50s rich primary diamond deposits were discovered in Yakutia. Here the diamonds were found in about 1500 kimberlite pipes. The Russian company "ALROSA" produces 99% of diamonds in
Russia and more than 25% of the diamonds in the world . The kimberlite pipe "Mir" (Peace) is an indigenous diamond mine that had been opened in 1955. The field was developed initially at Mirny where an open pit mine and processing plant were created. The quarry has a depth of 525 m and a diameter of 1.2 km, so it is one of the largest in the world. Diamondiferous kimberlite ore open pit mining ceased in June 2001. Since 2009, mining diamond ore is done in the "Mir" underground mine.

4 Grannies of Astana Selling their Foods

Grannies of Astana Selling their Foods

Grannies of Astana, the Kazakh capital. Sometimes their only option to survive is to sell their homemade food on the streets. Some of them do it to save extra money and help their kids. Some of them are 70 - 80 years old, some as young as 55 as the
retirement age in some ex-Soviet countries starts at 55 for ladies. Some ladies buy their raw produce from the stores, but some grow their food themselves on their plots of land. We can take a more detailed look at them inside.

25 Looting the Industrial Union in Donetsk, Ukraine

Looting the Industrial Union in Donetsk, Ukraine

Protesters in Donetsk breaking into the office building of "Industrial Union of Donbass", which is reportedly owned by the current Donetsk governor Taruta, who has been called "millionaire" and "oligarch" and appointed as a governor by the current Ukrainian authorities. He is also
known for his "border ditch". People have reported that the local police didn't prevent people from doing this and the onlookers were shouting "good job!" in approval. It has been reported that furniture and office equipment was taken away from the building.

13 Homeless Kids  of Early USSR

Homeless Kids of Early USSR

  Homeless (street) children - a social phenomenon in which there is separation of children from families with the loss of permanent home. Hallmarks of homelessness are: complete cessation of contact with family and parents; living in places that not intended for human habitation; providing for a life in ways which are not recognized in society (begging,
stealing); submission informal laws. The number of homeless children increased  after the World War I and the Civil War in the USSR which was after the Great October Socialist Revolution. According to one source  there were 4.5 million homeless children in 1921 in Russia, according to the others - in 1922 there were 7 million.

1 Russian Diamonds Being Cut

Russian Diamonds Being Cut

Russia is the worlds leading country in diamonds export and production. It has been said that Russian alone accounts for 27.85% of worlds diamond production. Unlike the African diamonds, when sometimes they are been called "Blood Diamonds" for the negative consequences their trade causes to the locals and their origins sometimes unclear, Russian diamonds origins are pretty clear as 97% of Russian mined
diamonds are accounted for one company ALROSA - which is roughly 27% of worlds production. This company stock is more than two thirds belong to the Government of Russian Federation and local Yakutia regions. They say they would be able to keep the production at same pace for at least eighteen or twenty years more. And here goes a report of how some of the stones are being cut.

1 Lviv Bus Factory

Lviv Bus Factory

  The Lviv Bus Plant  is a Soviet and Ukrainian company, founded on May 21, 1945. At first, the plant produced shops on wheels, cranes, road trailers. In 1956 the plant
 had produced the first bus LAZ-695 and since that moment serial production of buses had been started. On March 12, 2013 a factory conveyor LAZ was stopped.
0 Russia and Worlds Largest Iron Ore Field

Russia and Worlds Largest Iron Ore Field


2 An Abandoned Factory Close to Moscow

An Abandoned Factory Close to Moscow

Some photos of an abandoned factory that is, as being reported, located not far from Moscow. The people who sneaked in said in their post, that the object itself is pretty unknown to
mainstream lovers of abandoned places, so the inside condition of the place is as is and not vandalized, as some others have been. It's not clear what sort of factory it was though.
8 People in Obama Mask Robbed a Store in Russia

People in Obama Mask Robbed a Store in Russia

It was reported today that people dressed in Obama and Anonymous (Guy Fawkes) masks robbed a store in Krasnodar. The store is a 24/7 grocery store, whose name can be translated as "Speckled Hen". The robbers, reportedly armed with a gun, stole a safe box
from the store's back office. As the story goes, the police suspect the gang of being involved in more robbery cases using the same masks, one has already been confirmed, guys wearing the same masks robbed a jewelry store a few days ago.

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