1 Kiev At Night

Kiev At Night

Kiev is a beautiful city. Its night views with
yellow buildings in the center are never boring.

12 Tu Planes Are Russian Boeings

Tu Planes Are Russian Boeings

This is a plant named after one of the most prominent
aircraft designers of the 20th century - Andrey Tupolev.

16 Soviet Tech Wonders and Their Destiny

Soviet Tech Wonders and Their Destiny

The USSR gave a lot of technical masterpieces, many of them are still
second to none. Unfortunately modern society does not need them much...

0 From Logs To Matches

From Logs To Matches

ITAR-TASS photo It is the factory that makes matches and some other stuff from wood. These days are not easy for them, production volume tends to fall. Almost
half of the lines are stopped, dismantled or sold out... Nevertheless, let's see how they make matches that still look like many years ago.
5 Huge Quarries Of Ukraine

Huge Quarries Of Ukraine

The mining and refining facility we are visiting today is the largest producer and raw
material exporter of metallurgical plants in Ukraine. The main quarry is huge in size.
3 Where Steam Trains Rest

Where Steam Trains Rest

In the 1940s this station was the largest rail yard in Moscow. Today it is the only
Moscow depot where they still have facilities for steam trains maintenance.
8 One Old House In The Abandoned Village

One Old House In The Abandoned Village

Pogorelovo is an abandoned village in the Kostroma region. It used to be a rich state village. Ivan Polyashov was the
richest person in the village. He even obtained an order from the royal family and repaired the Winter Palace.
5 In A Military Airport

In A Military Airport

Let's visit a military airport located next to the
city of Ryazan. The photos are shown below.
5 Living Closer to Heaven

Living Closer to Heaven

The town of Mugrab, Tajikistan, is located in the center of
the eastern Pamir. The place is desolate but beautiful.
2 On the Guard of The Coastal Border

On the Guard of The Coastal Border

Today we'll tell you about some marine craft built by the Russian Federation for coastal defense.
These are The Bora- and Samum-class hoverborne guided missile corvettes of the Russian Navy.

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