8 Almost abandoned Russian city – Sinegorye near Magadan Russia

Almost abandoned Russian city – Sinegorye near Magadan Russia

This town in the Magadan region of Russia is called "Sinegorye" or "Blue Mountains". A very nice name for a town, but in reality this is an almost completely abandoned place, and is now the size of a village. Its population has fallen by 70% since the collapse of the USSR and so almost 3/4 of its buildings remain empty
and abandoned, including many huge apartment complexes like the one in the a picture above. Sergey, the awesome Russian blogger we so like to post here, has visited this place and says it's very easy to say which buildings are abandoned - in the abandoned buildings all of the window glass is broken.

2 Construction of the Great Volga Hydro Power Plant and Vintage Photos of Samara

Construction of the Great Volga Hydro Power Plant and Vintage Photos of Samara

Some vintage photos of the Samara region by Semyon Friedland, one of the renowned photographers of the 1950's and1960's - the era of Soviet renaissance, the country was developing at an extremely high pace,  building hundreds of new towns and cities, factories and plants, making breakthroughs in
science and space exploration. A huge Volga Samara hydro power plant was also built here at that time and here we can see its construction in gorgeous ultra wide screen resolution! What a time! Now the Samara region in a viewfinder and let's see a bit of history from there.

3 Leningrad – Large Turbine Plant

Leningrad – Large Turbine Plant

Another blogger, Dmitri, has gone to a famous Leningrad factory - a place where the huge turbines and other parts for the nuclear power plants and other large
components of Russian and foreign electro power plants are manufactured. If you want to see in detail how they are made, have a look inside!

30 One Day in the LIfe of a Doctor in a Russian Village

One Day in the LIfe of a Doctor in a Russian Village

In Russia doctors hardly earn millions. $10,000 a year is a dream for many. Normally they earn maybe half of this
per year. This doctor in a village probably gets even less. Here is her life and her environment reviewed.

10 Closed Shops and Cafes in Moscow Downtown

Closed Shops and Cafes in Moscow Downtown

According to the rumors that are being spread in Russian social networks lately there are over 800 shops, cafes and so on have been closed in Moscow alone since the year started. They say that the main reasons might be the national currency price which is now two
times less than it was last summer. The blogger Ilya - who we are really fond of for his nice photos of Moscow and other places - has went into the city to make photos and understand by himself are the shops really closing and why this might be:

27 Boris Yeltsin in American Supermarket

Boris Yeltsin in American Supermarket

In 1989 Boris Yeltsin, at times just a Soviet parliament and High Council member, has visited United States of America with an unofficial visit. The program of the visit consisted of visiting different landmarks like a Lindon Johnes Space center in Texas etc, but Yeltsin also wanted to see how regular Americans live so he headed directly to the grocery store he saw
on the street.  The journalists that were with him on a trip were telling Yeltsin was pretty much shocked by the diversity in the store and was waving his hands all the time - like here on a photo. Inside you can see more photos of him in a store and also a short video which can help you understand why Yeltsin was surprised that much:

16 Biggest in the World Open-Pit Coal Mine and its Giant Machinery

Biggest in the World Open-Pit Coal Mine and its Giant Machinery

Do you see a bus on this picture? Look closer, it's near that giant machine which they call "buck wheel excavator". Wikipedia says its main purpose is: "to act as a continuous digging machine in large-scale open pit mining operations". What can be more larger scale than the biggest
world open pit coal mine in Kazakhstan built in Soviet times as the biggest Soviet open pit coal mine? Russian photographer Alexander Popov has traveled there and took this awesome pics and story so we now can take a look to!  So let's see those in detail:

0 Production of KA Helicopters

Production of KA Helicopters

Just a few fresh photos of Ka-52 "Alligator" helicopters being manufactured in the "AKK Progress" factory on the Russian
Pacific coast. Just a few photos, if you are interested - take a look. Thanks to Yuri, who travelled there and took them.

1 400 Meter Down Underground: A Potassium Mine

400 Meter Down Underground: A Potassium Mine

Have you ever been 400 meters underground? It's like the Empire State Building was flipped top side down and hammered into the ground as if it was a giant nail. Then, where its tip arrives is around 420 meters, so exactly there these miners work and exactly there the guy Ilya went down to take some
photos. The mine is not a coal mine - it's a potassium mine - they get this mineral which is used as fertilizer, and the company, Uralkalij - is the world's largest producer of potassium. Thanks to Ilya we can see where most of the world's potassium fertilizer is coming from.

2 Inside of a Rocket Engines University

Inside of a Rocket Engines University

A guy has paid a visit to the Kharkiv University of Rocket Engine Building and saw what they had in the buildings for students to learn the mechanics of these things. He was really impressed with his visit, this is what he says: "In these photos is just a small fraction of what they have got in there! There is a
section the same size as a small town, all packed with old helicopters, rockets, radars, planes and even air-to-air refueling planes". This university has ten buildings, twelve dorm complexes and its own centralized water heating system. He has shared some photos from inside the complex.

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