10 15 Years To Bring the Cathedral Back to Life

15 Years To Bring the Cathedral Back to Life

They have been restoring the Dormition of the Theotocos
Cathedral for 15 years! One more year has left.
21 Moscow 1963

Moscow 1963

Some photographs taken in
Moscow back in 1963.
8 One Old House In The Abandoned Village

One Old House In The Abandoned Village

Pogorelovo is an abandoned village in the Kostroma region. It used to be a rich state village. Ivan Polyashov was the
richest person in the village. He even obtained an order from the royal family and repaired the Winter Palace.
3 New Bridge In the City

New Bridge In the City

Citizens of Vladivostok are happy to
have a nice new bridge in the city.
4 Living Closer to Heaven

Living Closer to Heaven

The town of Mugrab, Tajikistan, is located in the center of
the eastern Pamir. The place is desolate but beautiful.
26 Russian Pilot In Africa

Russian Pilot In Africa

One pilot from Russia flies to Africa by a Russian helicopter. He manages to reach such
places no white people ever reach and to take his own unique photos of the country!
3 Timelapse Saint-Petersburg

Timelapse Saint-Petersburg

You have already
seen a video of
timelapse Moscow, now we offer you to see timelapse St. Petersburg. Read more...
2 Morning Comes to Kiev

Morning Comes to Kiev

Diamond Hill is one of the highest residential complexes
in Kiev, Ukraine. We will climb its roof today.
5 At the Waterhead of Mineral Water

At the Waterhead of Mineral Water

Borjomi is a mineral water, banned in Russia for some reasons but is sold in some other countries and in
Georgia. Borjomi park in Georgia is one of the biggest European parks! Let’s visit it right now.
6 Back Into the Past

Back Into the Past

An American professor Frank Whitson Fetter was travelling along Russia in the early 1930s, these are the photos of one
of the oldest Russian cities, muslim capital of central Russia that recently celebrated 1000 years old.

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