6 Cities of Georgia

Cities of Georgia

Georgia means cool wine, mountains, ancient and modern architecture in harmony, a lot of
temples, mountains again ... and huge khachapuri (Georgian cheese pastry) on a skewer.

16 One Big Mosque

One Big Mosque

Hazret Sultan is one the largest and newest mosques in the Central Asia located in
Kazakhstan. It is called 'the pearl of the city'. Let us check now what interesting is about
47 Kiev Right Before the War And Soon After

Kiev Right Before the War And Soon After

These are some photos taken by a Soviet photo reporter Georgy Ugrinovich in 1930 - 1949 in
the Ukrainian capital. Right now they are being sold at Ebay for $10-200 per one.
3 Summer Air Show, Part II

Summer Air Show, Part II

Here you could see the first set of pictures from the airshow devoted to the Russian Air Force
100th anniversary. Now you may see another huge collection of nice photos from the event.
36 Oddly Looking Monuments

Oddly Looking Monuments

A group of young people have put such coloured rags on some Moscow
monuments making them look rather odd. Some guys were arrested.

1 Kiev At Night

Kiev At Night

Kiev is a beautiful city. Its night views with
yellow buildings in the center are never boring.
4 What Can Be Made From Pasta?

What Can Be Made From Pasta?

Have you ever thought that pasta can be used in ways different from cooking and eating? Sergey
from Perm makes mills, cars, helicopters from it! And what is more - he has patented his idea!
1 Video Selection, Part XX

Video Selection, Part XX

Road video, bungee fail video and a
nice video of night Vladivostok today.

3 Labor Day In 1958

Labor Day In 1958

People came outside to celebrate labor day on the first day of
May. Some photos from Murmansk 1958 during such celebration.

2 Valley Settled Many Centuries Back

Valley Settled Many Centuries Back

One man went deep into the ex-USSR to see the remains of the only preserved cave monastery. The Moldavian museum complex is 60 km north-west from Kishinev. This picturesque valley attracted
representatives of various civilizations since 1000 BC! Each of them left their mark and it makes this place especially interesting. Let us now see what he could find there...

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