0 A Day At the Races 70 Years Ago!

A Day At the Races 70 Years Ago!

Horse races are not popular in modern Russia. But it used to be a bit different. People from various regions of the country came to a racetrack to participate and show what they
could. Not only races were in the program but also various competitions connected with horses. Let's go back to the past days and spend one day at the old races in Moscow.

18 Successful Merchants of Old Time

Successful Merchants of Old Time

The Eliseev brothers were rich Russian merchants who owned some shops, many warehouses and vodka and
confectionery factories in the beginning of the last century. Let us look at the magnificent old buildings.
2 Video Selection, Part XXII

Video Selection, Part XXII

The man whom Mike Tyson sees in his worst nightmares, the old tradition of starting a school
year in Chechnya and a guy who wanted to show you his best bike trick but failed...
0 One Day In the Company of Aircrafts

One Day In the Company of Aircrafts

Not only in Moscow people celebrated 100th anniversary of the Russian Air Forces. These are some shots from Khabarovsk,
Russian Far East, with its air fleet. On such a day people could come, take photos and touch the military aircrafts...
33 The Holy Month Is Over

The Holy Month Is Over

Yesterday the Muslims from all over the world celebrated Eid-Al-Fitr, the day on
which the month of holy Ramadan is over. Let's see how the day went by in Moscow.
6 Cities of Georgia

Cities of Georgia

Georgia means cool wine, mountains, ancient and modern architecture in harmony, a lot of
temples, mountains again ... and huge khachapuri (Georgian cheese pastry) on a skewer.

16 One Big Mosque

One Big Mosque

Hazret Sultan is one the largest and newest mosques in the Central Asia located in
Kazakhstan. It is called 'the pearl of the city'. Let us check now what interesting is about
47 Kiev Right Before the War And Soon After

Kiev Right Before the War And Soon After

These are some photos taken by a Soviet photo reporter Georgy Ugrinovich in 1930 - 1949 in
the Ukrainian capital. Right now they are being sold at Ebay for $10-200 per one.
3 Summer Air Show, Part II

Summer Air Show, Part II

Here you could see the first set of pictures from the airshow devoted to the Russian Air Force
100th anniversary. Now you may see another huge collection of nice photos from the event.
36 Oddly Looking Monuments

Oddly Looking Monuments

A group of young people have put such coloured rags on some Moscow
monuments making them look rather odd. Some guys were arrested.

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