1 Video Selection, Part XX

Video Selection, Part XX

Road video, bungee fail video and a
nice video of night Vladivostok today.

3 Labor Day In 1958

Labor Day In 1958

People came outside to celebrate labor day on the first day of
May. Some photos from Murmansk 1958 during such celebration.

2 Valley Settled Many Centuries Back

Valley Settled Many Centuries Back

One man went deep into the ex-USSR to see the remains of the only preserved cave monastery. The Moldavian museum complex is 60 km north-west from Kishinev. This picturesque valley attracted
representatives of various civilizations since 1000 BC! Each of them left their mark and it makes this place especially interesting. Let us now see what he could find there...

3 In the Chambers of the Tsar

In the Chambers of the Tsar

These are the chambers of boyars Romanovs located
in Moscow. One may spend many hours here...

4 The Swallows Nest Over The Sea

The Swallows Nest Over The Sea

What you see in
the picture is the
Swallow's Nest castle near Yalta on the Crimean shore in southern Ukraine. It is the place that offers its visitors romanticism and peace. Read more...
10 Faces of the Soviet Era

Faces of the Soviet Era

Selection of photos of the Soviet era 1920s-1970s. So different people, labor
class and top society from various regions of the immense country.
76 How Do You Like Such Urban Planning?

How Do You Like Such Urban Planning?

These houses make it clear that it is Russia or
some post-Soviet country on the picture...
1 Stairways of St. Petersburg

Stairways of St. Petersburg

Let's enter some houses of St. Petersburg.
That's the special side of the city.
2 Where Steam Trains Rest

Where Steam Trains Rest

In the 1940s this station was the largest rail yard in Moscow. Today it is the only
Moscow depot where they still have facilities for steam trains maintenance.
4 Kids Gonna Like It

Kids Gonna Like It

This fairy tale mansion appeared in the capital of Tatarstan, Kazan. It's a new puppet theater and the spectacle
that strikes those who see it for the first time. We just offer you to see how it looks at night.

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