3 Victory Parade in Novosibirsk

Victory Parade in Novosibirsk

On May 9, 2015 there was a big military parade in Novosibirsk, too. Its participants were 3000 military men, over 60 units of ground vehicles and 13 units of air vehicles. It was the first parade involving an air show in Novosibirsk. Helicopters Mi-8, Mi-24, interceptors MiG-31 and fighter-bombers Su-34 appeared in the sky over the main square
of the city. "Iscander-M" and "Yars" missile systems were among the ground vehicles showing up for the first time as well. This photo-report covers the parade itself, the process of aircrafts preparation for departure from Tolmachevo airport, the marching of the soldiers and the meeting of a special retro train.

4 Moscow 1963 Photographed by Burt Glinn

Moscow 1963 Photographed by Burt Glinn

Burton Samuel Glinn was an American professional photographer who worked with Magnum Photos. He covered many significant
historic moments, including those he made in the USSR in 1963. You may see these pictures right now inside this post.

3 Shooting the Parade from Red Square

Shooting the Parade from Red Square

Blogger fotografersha occupied a nice place at the monument to Minin and Pozharskiy on Red Square of Moscow to take images of
the Victory Day parade from there. According to the blogger it was the best location for shooting. Let's see...

9 The Story About the Blogger Who Was Not Allowed to Do His Job on the Parade

The Story About the Blogger Who Was Not Allowed to Do His Job on the Parade

Ilya Varlamov aka blogger zyalt was one of those who decided to come to the Victory Parade on May 9 and take some nice photos, but everything didn't go as smooth as he had expected... Every journalist was provided with a vehicle - some of them simply
mounted a Go Pro cam on the armor, others put on military uniform and joined the crew sitting on the top of the moving vehicle. Ilya was provided with "Typhoon" based on "Ural" vehicle, three seats in the cabin, he sat in the middle.

10 From Brest to Berlin: Amazing Photo Project of Sergey Larenkov

From Brest to Berlin: Amazing Photo Project of Sergey Larenkov

Photographer Sergey Larenkov had been making these pictures for long six years. They depict cities ruined by WWII including those European hero-cities that were liberated from the fascism in bloody battles. There
are generally more than 1000 photos in the project, right now we are going to show you fifty of them. Well, let's travel back to 1941.. (in the image above are defenders of the Brest fortress).

31 Stalin Monuments Appear In Russian Cities

Stalin Monuments Appear In Russian Cities

Many people didn't expect that monuments to Stalin would really be established in Russian cities, but it's turned out to be true.
This one is among the first, it has appeared in Lipetsk just recently. How long will it stand here, what do you think?

13 Liberation of Prague

Liberation of Prague

Seventy years ago exactly, from May 6 to 11, 1945 was held the Prague operation - the final strategic operation of the Red Army in WWII that resulted in liberation of Prague, Czechoslovakia. The photos compiled here are devoted to this very
event. They were published in the album "For eternal memory" ("Na vecne casy") in 1965 for the 20th anniversary of the Prague liberation. The pictures themselves were made by citizens of Czechoslovakia in those May days of 1945.

3 Air Parade Over Moscow: the Main Rehearsal

Air Parade Over Moscow: the Main Rehearsal

The main air rehearsal of the Victory Parade attracted many bloggers and photographers who took their cameras and prepared to make cool pictures. The best ones from
bloggers zyalt, fotogragersha, riverpilgrim are united in this post. Mi-26, Mi-8, Mi-35, Ka-52 - simply enjoy the wonderful steel birds in the Moscow sky!

7 Moscow In 1944

Moscow In 1944

In 1944 the Soviet Union already lifted in spirits, the Red Army cleared almost all the Soviet territory of the enemy's presence except the west of Latvia. The capital started to live peacefully again: night restaurants were opened, different solemn events were held, eighty bronze sculptures preveously evacuated to Central
Asia, returned to the Moscow subway. Over a million of Soviet citizens were awarded with a medal "For Defence of Moscow". New schools and institutes were opening in the city, new subway stations were being built. One of the brightest events in 1944 was the march of German soldiers captured in Belorussia.
4 Pencil Drawings of Aircraft By An Amateur Artist

Pencil Drawings of Aircraft By An Amateur Artist

Here are many photos of different air shows dedicated to the 70th anniversary.  Victory in the WWII widely is celebrated in Russia. There are also images from aircraft museums - both abandoned and not.
But that's the stuff you've often seen here. This time we going to show you some great pencil drawings by an amateur artist who calls himself GrafDeWolfGun. Please, click for big images.

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