3 Family Hobby

Family Hobby

A family from Bryansk, Russia have their own common hobby and small production. They carve amazing wooden pictures and make other things from wood.
Most of the pictures are 60-90cm in size. Some take months to be carved. The family have about 200 pieces of art in their shop today.
3 Ukrainian Museum of Strategic Rocket Forces

Ukrainian Museum of Strategic Rocket Forces

Some pictures from the museum of strategic
rocket forces in the city of Pervomaisk, Ukraine.
8 Redneck Wedding

Redneck Wedding

Pictures of the awesome wedding with special
atmosphere. And yes, spitting into a trash bin is
2 Unique Wooden Robot From Ukraine

Unique Wooden Robot From Ukraine

Photo: УНІАН Dmitry Balandin from Ukraine made a unique wooden robot right in his flat. The moving mechanism named Cylon was
assembled from 500 parts. It took the master six months to make the robot. Now Dmitry is making a girlfriend for Cylon.
0 Navy Day Celebration

Navy Day Celebration

Last Sunday of July is traditionally the day when Vladivostok celebrates the Day of Naval Forces. Ships are sailing with
their signal flags up, military sailors are all in white ceremonial uniform, veterans - with medals on their chests.

3 Helicopter Museum

Helicopter Museum

V-12 is the heaviest helicopter with the highest carrying capacity in the world. It was built in 1967 at the Moscow Helicopter Factory. In 1969 it set the world record of carrying capacity - 40 tons. V-12 was being developed as a heavy transport helicopter with carrying capacity exceeding thirty tons
for transportation of intercontinental ballistic missile components for strategic rocket forces whose position areas were at places without paved roads. This V-12 turned into a museum which is not so bad compared to destinies of many other great vehicles of the Soviet epoch.

8 Summer House of Joseph Stalin

Summer House of Joseph Stalin

This is one of the eighteen summer houses of Joseph Stalin. It is situated five kilometres from Sochi, on the
territory of a sanatorium "Zenenaya Roscha" ("Green Grove"). Let's see have an excursion to the house right now.
0 The Church In Russian Versailles

The Church In Russian Versailles

Yaropolets village is often called Russian Versailles, and it could really be if itsmansion and its church would not be in a dilapidated condition. The Church of Our Lady of Kazan has an unusual and rare composition of two symmetric parts interconnected by a cross pass-through which
serves as a vestibule for the both parts. The northern part of Yaropolets belongs to the family of field marshal Z. Chernyshov, the marshal himself died in 1784 and was buried in another place but his remains were subsequently brought to the crypt of the church.

5 Russian Prerevolutionary Village

Russian Prerevolutionary Village

Peasant life on the rare prerevolutionary pictures dated
the end of the nineteenth - early twentieth centuries.

3 Bathing Festival: Enjoy Your Steam!

Bathing Festival: Enjoy Your Steam!

Some pictures from the bathing festival in Karelia which has
been held for several years already. Enjoy your steam!

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