0 The Church In Russian Versailles

The Church In Russian Versailles

Yaropolets village is often called Russian Versailles, and it could really be if itsmansion and its church would not be in a dilapidated condition. The Church of Our Lady of Kazan has an unusual and rare composition of two symmetric parts interconnected by a cross pass-through which
serves as a vestibule for the both parts. The northern part of Yaropolets belongs to the family of field marshal Z. Chernyshov, the marshal himself died in 1784 and was buried in another place but his remains were subsequently brought to the crypt of the church.

5 Russian Prerevolutionary Village

Russian Prerevolutionary Village

Peasant life on the rare prerevolutionary pictures dated
the end of the nineteenth - early twentieth centuries.

3 Bathing Festival: Enjoy Your Steam!

Bathing Festival: Enjoy Your Steam!

Some pictures from the bathing festival in Karelia which has
been held for several years already. Enjoy your steam!

1 One Monastery of Old Believers

One Monastery of Old Believers

Malinovsky monastery of Old Believers is not very old, it appeared in the middle of the nineteenth century and was
maintaned by one merchant. Inside this post some pictures of the monastery, its interiors and parishioners.
3 Soviet Photography 1917-1940

Soviet Photography 1917-1940

A set of interesting pictures
of the early Soviet times.
1 Aircraft Expostion Near Moscow

Aircraft Expostion Near Moscow

You are going to see some aircrafts from the museum of Vadim Zadorozhny
in the Moscow region inside this post. No captions, just pictures.

1 Old Kremlin Panoramas

Old Kremlin Panoramas

How did the Moscow Kremlin landscapes has changed through centuries?
Inside this post you may see the Kremlin panoramas dated 1848.
0 Sailing Ship Sedov In Saint Petersburg

Sailing Ship Sedov In Saint Petersburg

The oldest of the preserved sailing ships "Sedov" came back to St. Petersburg from a fourteen months journey. The dimensions of the ship are impressive: 117 meters long, 14,6
meters wide. The ship was standing at the embankment for one day only and anyone could go aboard, people formed the line about 200 meters long though it was raining.

1 New Air Museum of Minsk

New Air Museum of Minsk

We are at the museum of one aeroclub in Minsk, Belarus. It opened in July 2009 in
Borovaya village to become the first museum of air equipment under the open sky.

5 Peasant Crafts

Peasant Crafts

When we see someone making things with his/her hands today we call him/her a creative person. But a century ago it was
typical for almost everyone. People of the past skillful with their fingers are on the pictures of this post.

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