5 The City I Live In

The City I Live In

Russian photographer Alexander Grouss created a series of pictures of his native city Odintsovo in the Moscow region. His photographs are never
grey, always full of light and color. Grouss likes to shoot good looking girls, playing children, cats and dogs, flowers and leaves...
2 Peter And Paul Cathedral In Saint Petersburg

Peter And Paul Cathedral In Saint Petersburg

This Peter and Paul Cathedral was built in 1712-1733 under the project of Domenico Trezzini at the place of a wooden church that had been standing there in 1703-1704. The
belfry of the Cathedral is crowned with a spire and has a total height of 122 meters which made this building to be the highest one in the city until 2012.
1 One Caucasian City

One Caucasian City

Nalchik is the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia. It actually resembles many other cities of the country. But it has some
distinctive features too. Such as its ropeway. We just want to show you this city the way it looked like in summer 2013.

3 Dirty Car Artist From Baku

Dirty Car Artist From Baku

Raphael Veisov is an artist from Baku, Azerbaijan. His works are quite unusual,
Raphael depicts pictures on dusty cars. Unfortunately such art does not live long.

1 So Cool Russian Cakes

So Cool Russian Cakes

The collection of sweet Russian masterpieces, any of
them may become a major attraction of a holiday!

2 Church Paintings of the Seventeenth Century

Church Paintings of the Seventeenth Century

Such wonderful paintings can be seen in Pechersky Ascension Monastery of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. In a
miraculous way they have been preserved in such a good condition since the seventeenth century.

6 Unfamiliar Moscow

Unfamiliar Moscow

Moscow is a truly versatile city. It never stops to open something new. Inside this post are some
pictures which reveal another capital, not the noisy and sparkling one as everyone believes it to be.

0 Ornithological Zoo In Moscow

Ornithological Zoo In Moscow

Right now we are going to visit the new ornithological zoo in Sokolniki, Moscow. Birds are not
forced to see in cages even wild ones. It's a really nice place to be visited with children.
3 Schools In the City of Pripyat

Schools In the City of Pripyat

Where else can you so clearly feel the breath of the Soviet epoch, abnormal post apocalyptic world and invisible presence of people? Schools are the brightest symbol of the stopped time in Pripyat. Their stuff remained
untouched by liquidators, looters and citizens themselves. They cared much more about taking their private belongings with them. Some school things are still standing in places where they met April 26, 1986.
0 Children of the Polar Class

Children of the Polar Class

The end of August is the time when helicopter lands at the tundra of nomad reindeer breeders to take their kids away to
a boarding school. The next time when these children will see their parents is only at the eve of New Year.

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