8 Happy School Moments

Happy School Moments

You are invited to a Russian school to spend some
moments in the atmosphere of careless childhood!
5 McCain on Maidane

McCain on Maidane

Mr McCain is taking photos of protesters on the mobile phone. They say it was around 250,000 of
protesters, many of them holding some sort of lights and signing a song of a popular Ukrainian singer.
5 Sketches of Armenia

Sketches of Armenia

Some sketches of Armenia - its nature, life and its people.
It seems to be the place where time flows so slow...
2 Unique Uzbek Knives

Unique Uzbek Knives

Pichoq is a national Uzbek knife. Traditionally it has a wide carbon steel blade grinded from one side. Its handle can be made from a horn, bone, wood or a gemstone.  It is kept in a straight
leather sheath. Pichoq is rather popular in all Central Asia, only its ornaments and proportions may vary. We are going to visit one of the shops where such knives are made.
7 Winter In the Russian Village

Winter In the Russian Village

Some people may call such place hopeless and doomed. But in fact it's the place where one can
really see the sky full of stars and hear the silence, if you know what I mean...
2 Little Russian City Stuck In the Past

Little Russian City Stuck In the Past

Some interesting sketches depicting life in a little city of
Russia called Shuya where time seems to have stopped...

6 Trade Kingdom of Containers

Trade Kingdom of Containers

This big market in Bishkek, Kirghizia, is not a typical one - instead of shops it
consists of containers where various stuff is sold from carpets to clothes.
3 Beautiful Kiev

Beautiful Kiev

Some enjoyable pictures of Kiev - its roofs, squares, bridges,
underground, monuments and night lights - a beautiful and peaceful city.
2 So Funny Moments From Russia

So Funny Moments From Russia

Life in Russia is full of crazy and
funny moments, check it out yourself!

3 Abandoned Estate of the Russian Nobles

Abandoned Estate of the Russian Nobles

Presently abandoned estate we are going to show you used to belong to famous Russian nobles. However it looks rather modest, maybe even austere. Only
the ruines of its church stand out alluding to the Western architecture. Welcome to the Nizhny Novgorod region where the estate is located.

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