3 Captives of the Remote Village

Captives of the Remote Village

This remote almost forgotten village of Belarus is inhabited by two persons only -
father (80) and son (60) - some pictures of their life are inside the post.

3 At the Turn of the Centuries: Russian Ethnographic Images

At the Turn of the Centuries: Russian Ethnographic Images

This collection consists of 120 digitized copies of glass-plate photographs. The dates and photographers are unknown. We can only say the pictures are dated
late XIX - early XX centuries. They depict everyday life of native Siberian people (Khanty and Mansi), Russian peasants and local bourgeoisie.
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7 Life In a Russian Village

Life In a Russian Village

Some curious sketches of a Russian village as it is.
It must be funny to live there for some time...
0 Resort Cableway In Ingushetia

Resort Cableway In Ingushetia

A set of pictures of the cableway at the resort of Ingushetia called Armkhi.
It's not a winter time yet, but autumn in Ingushetia is also charming.

2 Ethnic Museum Under the Open Sky

Ethnic Museum Under the Open Sky

In the place called Ertil in the Voronezh region of Russia one farmer is building an ethnic museum that sooner resembles a village. Those who come there
may have a good rest, swim in the pond, take a steam-bath, sleep on the hay etc., though most of these activities are available only in summer.
2 Unforgotten Moscow

Unforgotten Moscow

Some nice pictures of Soviet Moscow arousing good
emotions and drawing awe and admiration...
3 Tireless Workers: Russian Trams

Tireless Workers: Russian Trams

Some Russian trams are travelling in very interesting and often beautiful places. Rain or snow - they keep up working tirelessly in any season
and weather. Some of them are hibitually passing impressive hydro power plants, others are going through the dense Russian forests...
0 Like a Journey to Another Planet

Like a Journey to Another Planet

A journey to Yakutia may be even compared with a journey to another planet - this
is where you are losing a sense of reality from the very first moments...
8 Happy School Moments

Happy School Moments

You are invited to a Russian school to spend some
moments in the atmosphere of careless childhood!
5 McCain on Maidane

McCain on Maidane

Mr McCain is taking photos of protesters on the mobile phone. They say it was around 250,000 of
protesters, many of them holding some sort of lights and signing a song of a popular Ukrainian singer.

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