4 Russian Shipping: Unique Museum Collection

Russian Shipping: Unique Museum Collection

This museum created in Saratov in 1921 finally moved to Nizhny Novgorod and obtained the unique
collection of exhibits devoted to the Russian shipping. We hope it will be interesting for you too.
1 Long Way of a Kirghiz Yurt

Long Way of a Kirghiz Yurt

So many pictures devoted to Kirghiz yurts. Such a seemingly simple structure takes a lot
of time and efforts to be made. The long way of a yurt is inside this big post.
1 Meeting the New Year on the Main Square

Meeting the New Year on the Main Square

At 11 p.m. Red Square of Moscow was already overcrowded and enclosed by police. Those who
came a bit earlier could meet New Year 2014 on the main square of the country.

9 Round About the Olympic Park

Round About the Olympic Park

Flying over the Olympic park - one of the two
clusters of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi 2014.
3 Most Famous Russian Baths

Most Famous Russian Baths

Sandunovskiye baths are the most famous Russian baths, they appeared in Moscow in 1808. It was the second Moscow construction after the Kremlin illuminated by electric lamps. The baths had their own power station, their water was of the highest
quality - artesian one. The baths employed 400 attendants andhad a restaurant, hotel and even a pet shop. We are going to visit one of the baths' section - man's one, it's the only section that still looks in the original way.
1 Old Temple In Abkhazia

Old Temple In Abkhazia

Mokva temple in Abkhazia is a wonderful and very old place. It was built in the third quarter of the X
century by Abkhazian King Leon III (955-957). The last restoration of the temple was made in 2002.

1 In the Russian Wonderland

In the Russian Wonderland

This place in the Kaluga region is like a wonderland full of alien structures. It attracts many
visitors who wish to move away from reality for awhile. Maybe you'd like to join them.
5 Museum of Nuclear Weapons

Museum of Nuclear Weapons

Several pictures from the Museum of nuclear
weapons located in Sarov city, Russia
8 Dream University

Dream University

One of the oldest classic universities in Ukraine (founded in 1875) and the symbol of Chernovtsi city. Every
tourist who comes here should visit this place. Isn't it the place where everyone would like to studay at?
3 Church On the Rock

Church On the Rock

The Church of Ascension can be observed by those who go from Sevastopol to Yalta or back. It stands on the rock, at height of 472
meters above sea level. The history of the church is shrouded in mystery. Some pictures of the church are inside the post.

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