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27 Russian Empire in the XIX Century

Russian Empire in the XIX Century

Maksim Dmitriev was born in 1858 in Tambov province. At the age of 15 he became an apprentice of the famous photographer of that time - M.P. Nastiukov, where he obtained basic knowledge about the art of photography. He became famous at the beginning of the 90-s of the XIX century after representation of the exposition called "Bad harvest in Nizhny Novgorod region", where he showed ruined
villages and sick and starving peasants. With this exposition he became the founder of the photo report genre in Russia. Rural dining house on the picture above. 1891-1892. See also: Color Post Cards of Russian Empire 100 Years Ago Russian People 100 Years Ago in Color Russia 100 Years War on Terror? Color Photos of Russian Churches 100 Years Ago and Today
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62 Seeing Soviet Russia

Seeing Soviet Russia

We've also told about Soviet promotional posters intended for the foreign tourists and visitors. Here are more of them. The author of this collection, David Levine, says that "Russia in the period before
the mid 1930s employed some brilliant graphic design in its arts, propaganda and newspapers and magazines". Is that true? Just look at these travel brochures, booklets and luggage labels.
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30 Feminine Symbol of the USSR

Feminine Symbol of the USSR

We've already told about Soviet contraceptive devices. Now we can say, that there was indeed something that could be called a real feminine symbol of
the USSR. Those images of a woman with a paddle in one hand were standing in many cities and towns throughout the whole Soviet Union.
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72 Stay Protected: Soviet Way

Stay Protected: Soviet Way

It was a well known saying in Russia "that there is no leisure intercourse in Soviet Russia", probably it is less known for the rest of the world. It meant that Soviet citizens have made this only for get some kids. But recently it has been known that there was a whole bunch of those little thingies available for some sale in Russia, though they couldn't be bought freely, just because demand was so great that if it appeared anywhere on the counters of the state-owned pharmacies (there were no any
other in Soviet Russia), then the first who entered the store has usually bought gross all them available and then lived a long happy life or made many many Soviet rubles reselling them for his friends. So it was big luck to get them and it is even more bigger luck to see them here on photos, in this, not-used state. And one more thing. Officially they were called "product no. 2", because the product no. 1 was a rubber gas-mask of the same factory...
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27 Weird Looking Russian Matryoshkas

Weird Looking Russian Matryoshkas

As we already told, "matryoshka" has become one of the most famous symbols of the Russian culture through all over the world. It's a traditional Russian wooden toy. Such nesting doll can hold up to about 30 smaller dolls inside, put in each other, from the biggest one up to the smallest. They are
usually painted in accordance with Russian tradition. But recently some Russian designers and artists have started to express another views on matryoshkas. For example, this time Irina Troitskaya, a Moscow illustrator, has converted matryoshkas into some weird creatures.
Moscow. The Past and the Present.
44 Moscow. The Past and the Present.

Moscow. The Past and the Present.

One Moscow photographer invented a time-machine, taking old photos of the city and comparing them with the new.
The result is amazing. One can see how city is changing, sometimes during almost the whole XX century.
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61 Travel Ural 2007

Travel Ural 2007

  These shots were made this summer, on the route of the regional significance that passes between the cities Syktyvkar, Ukhta and Pechora. It's hard to say much about the condition of the rest of the road, but this especial part the passing by drivers call "the lacet". And looking at these pictures it is getting
clear, that there is nothing strange in such a name, taking into account, that it isn't off-road driving. Of course there are a lot of paved roads too in Russia, and some are being severely reconstructed in order to improve the road system, but it's a great pity that such roads still exist.
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41 Swallow’s Nest, the Sea Castle in Crimea

Swallow’s Nest, the Sea Castle in Crimea

"Swallow's Nest" is a castle, built in the late XIX century near Yalta, in the South of Crimea. Situated on the steep cliff right over the
sea, it has become the symbol of the South coast of Crimea and one the of the most exciting point of interests of the whole resort.
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23 Lions of St. Petersburg

Lions of St. Petersburg

It is true, that lions is the symbol of the St. Petersburg. Walking in the city you can meet the images of lions almost everywhere: on the bridges, in facades of the houses and in the most of historical places. So it
is nothing surprising that the charity act, that took place in the city this summer, was called "The Lion Parade". See the exclusive footage of the Lion Parade from our special photographer.
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21 Cartoon or Not Cartoon?

Cartoon or Not Cartoon?

Sometimes after watching cartoons about medieval Russia people go and make
alike accessories and invade some local parks playing old cartoons.

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