Russian wooden architecture 1

77 Wooden Windows

Wooden Windows

Photos of the old Siberian houses and
especially the wood carved windows.
Moscow zoo back at 1920 1

37 Moscow Zoo at 1920

Moscow Zoo at 1920

Shots from Moscow Zoo - the largest
Soviet and Russian zoo - back from 1920.
Russian wood carving 1

31 Russian Wood Carving

Russian Wood Carving

In Russia wood carving was popular in older times, these are some
examples of the modern wood carving by Cronid Gogolev.
17 The Video Sunday

The Video Sunday

Every week many of new videos appear in Russian part of Internet. Some of them become very popular and circulate among numerous Russian blogs etc. We often put them here too and now decided to collect them all during the week and publish in one separate post let's say on Sundays. So meet the first video Sunday. The first video was made by some Russian guys as an answer to the speech of Condoleezza Rice. It was that time when she expressed the position about Russian actions in South Ossetia and Georgia. The makers of this video replaced Condi with Darth Vader and ..., well, see it yourself above. The video got very popular in Russia last week. The
next video was widely discussed on Russian Internet last week. It's an ad from Pioneer electronics company saying "Better use GPS when travel to distant and unknown places".   And now some Russian music. This video was a true hit last week among bloggers and others. It's an example of Russian gangsta-rap. The rising star is Slava Mook, was warmly accepted by many, many requests for mp3 and HD versions were posted and Slava promised to continue publishing his new songs. It's easy to become popular these days. Well, we stop here today, next Sunday see more Russian hits of the week.
Sevastopol city in 1963 1

28 Sevastopol city, 1963

Sevastopol city, 1963

This is Sevastopol, old Russian southern city, photos are back from 1963. Now this is the
territory of Ukraine with the most of population is ethnically Russian (71%).
Russian monument to wooden currency 1

33 Russian Wooden Currency

Russian Wooden Currency

It was popular to call "wooden" the Russian money among Russian people, meaning that the value of it is far from the value of gold. It is not
so widely used these days, but was pretty popular before. Still, they decided to put the monument for the "wooden rouble".
Russian history 1

49 Russian Digging

Russian Digging

Just taking a step to any village outskirts and digging a few feet deep inside the soil would reveal tons of the things laying there since World War II. Almost all the territory of
Western Russia was a battlefield so if you ever go to Russia you don't need to pay a visit to an antique store, you can start digging at any place and get your part of loot.
Russia 51

44 More Bird’s Eye Landscapes

More Bird’s Eye Landscapes

Now more Russian regions
from the bird's eye view.
tomb stones from Ukraine 1

130 Mobsters Last Shots from Dnepropetrovsk

Mobsters Last Shots from Dnepropetrovsk

We had already some times ago Russian mafia tomb stones from Yekaterinburg, Russia. Today the tomb stones from Dnepropetrovsk. This city is 2000 miles away from Yekaterinburg, and actually it's
not even in Russia, but in Ukraine. As you can see mobsters share the same culture, and even most of the scripts are made in Russia language, without Ukrainian adaptation.
rough asian game 28

33 Playing Rambo Games

Playing Rambo Games

In "Rambo 3" movie Sylvester Stallone took participation in quite strange but very rough game, where players should throw a dead body of a goat riding horses. So If you want to become as cool as Rambo 3, or 2, or just Stallone or whatever, you don't need to go to Afganistan and fight against terrorists. Actually this game is very widespread in many Central Asian countries, including some former republics of the USSR, such as
Tajikistan, where it is called buzkashi, Uzbekistan (ulak or kupkari), Kazakhstan (kopkar tartu) and Kirgizia. Some people in Russia call it "kozlodranie" from the words "koziol" (goat) and "drat' " (tear up). The rules of this game resemble in some way American football or Rugby with a goat instead of a ball. So if you like to play with dead animals - you are welcome to Kazakhstan and even farther.

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