7 Silk Road Adventure 2014: trip to the Stans part 1

Silk Road Adventure 2014: trip to the Stans part 1

    Let me introduce a guy who has himself taken a trip from Poland to the Asia - as far as Kirgizia and back on his bike, taking these photos on his way and willing to post them for us all so we can see his road trip: This May, I Stojan and 3 of my friends (Kasia, Janusz and Wojciech) went from Poland (I am from Croatia) for a trip to the 'Stans'. It was a 2,5 months, 21000 km long trip. Unfortunately,
due to the bad political situation, we had to skip Ukraine. We passed: Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Bulgaria and Serbia. Here are a few photos, but just from the 'Russian' part of the trip. Hope you'll enjoy it... I surely did! Route (clockwise)

1 A Gameday in Moscow

A Gameday in Moscow

A few photos in color and B/W from sporting events of old Moscow. Soccer, tennis, water polo - these sorts of games have attracted
thousands of people to "Luzhniki" - the main sports arena in Moscow. You can see here how it looked back in the 1950s.

22 Wedding in Dagestan

Wedding in Dagestan

Dagestan is part of Russia, and here is a traditional wedding out of Dagestan. Yes, people are shooting into the air and it is considered necessary and
appropriate in this land. What else is necessary and appropriate? Let's see inside. Nick has traveled to Dagestan and brought these photos back:
28 An American Fighting in Ukraine

An American Fighting in Ukraine

  A video of an American (allegedly based on an accent and what he says himself) from Ilionois (or Alabama?). He says he fights for New Russia. He however admits he would like
to get it resolved peacefully. Does someone recognize his classmate here?  Video is inside and thanks to them speaking English it doesn't need any translation:

5 Trip to a Traditional Cloths and Fabric Making

Trip to a Traditional Cloths and Fabric Making

In the small village on the bank of the river there is still a factory which continues the tradition of old craftsmanship. Well, there is no real continuity as in 1927 it was converted into a communist owned factory with appointed managers,
however the methods they use today are very reminiscent of the ones they used years ago. They even used the old machinery from long ago. And here Dmitriy is taking a tour around and we can see the photos thanks to his effort:

9 Weekend in Karjala

Weekend in Karjala

Hope ya'll having good weekend today. This is an idea of what your weekend could look like if you spend it in some of the tourist attraction areas of Karjala, or Karelia like its being called in Russia - a region next to Finland, it lies to the North East of
St. Petersburg. This one is not exactly in Karelia but on its border, closer to St. Petersburg. Luxury cabins deep inside the local "Taiga" (which means forest). Stables, lots of stuff to see and buy, local foods and vodka. See it yourself:

1 Some Lone Mill

Some Lone Mill

Borisovka is a little village in Russia that has an interesting wooden mill
built back in the XIX century. But people are rarely guests here today...

37 Greatest Russian Inventions

Greatest Russian Inventions

200 years ago people still did not have electricity, good vehicles, television, mobile phones, Internet and other things we
cannot do without today. Some of the most significant inventions were made by Russians, and here they are...
2 Stars of the First Soviet Skyscrapers

Stars of the First Soviet Skyscrapers

The so-called "Seven Sisters" are seven buildings which became the first Soviet skyscrapers in the time of Stalin. For a long period of time they remained the highest buildings in Europe. Initially they planned to build eight of them, they even made a stylobate in Zaryadye, but finally they constructed the "Rossiya" hotel on it. Today, there are seven "skyscrapers of Stalin": Moscow State
University on the Vorobyovy Hills, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, two residential ones, and two hotels - "Ukraine" (Radisson Royal) and "Leningrad" (Hilton Leningradskaya). Stars are only on six of them because the spire of the building accommodating the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was too fragile to hold a star. They are all different and made from different materials.

2 Moscow State University: Department of Chemistry

Moscow State University: Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry of the Moscow State University, named after M. V. Lomonosov, opened on October 1st, 1929. Previously, chemistry had been taught here at medical
and physico-mathematical faculties. These are some interesting images of the Department of Chemistry of the most famous Russian university: old and new ones.

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