1 7 Forbidden Things-to-Do in Russian Banya

7 Forbidden Things-to-Do in Russian Banya

Banya (sauna) for Russians is like a cult. It is able to regenerate human again, to give strength for new exploits. Don't go there after midnight If you think that a banya is as an uninhabited island, you are mistaken. For centuries there lives so-called Bannik - a banya master. This creature likes when everyone
please him in every way: leave a bar of soap, for example, or water in a pitcher - Bannik also wants to wash. He prefers steaming strongly after midnight. If you also have such a "wonderful" idea, beware - Bannik will crush you. Simply to say, it will intoxicate your desperate little head.

2 Kenozerye: Zehnovskaya flour mill

Kenozerye: Zehnovskaya flour mill

Zehnovo village is one of the most ancient settlements of kenozerskih and its history begins in the 16th century, when, according to one legend, the first inhabitant named Zeh settled here. Presumably, it was someone
from the first Christians arrived at Kenozero during the existence of the Kenoreckyi waterway that connected Lake Onega with river Onega using which Orthodox people from Novgorod came to these lands.

1 Winter Russia. Karelia

Winter Russia. Karelia

The advantage of tourists over local residents is that one sees everything in a new way, watching open-mouthed, another one indifferently passes by, they had seen
it a hundred times. Here is a village in Karelia, the Russian Finnish region, typical for the whole phenomena of the country, but still different.
1 Daily Best Russian Videos Compilation, part 3

Daily Best Russian Videos Compilation, part 3

A selection of the best videos we could find
from the past 24 hours, narrated. Take a look!

1 Novgorod the Great: As seen from the Drone

Novgorod the Great: As seen from the Drone

1 The Brightest Town in Russia

The Brightest Town in Russia

One of the most remote cities in that vast country, the capital of the sparsely populated Russian region. Quite a few people live in Anadyr, just 15,000. This even for the district center in the middle lane is not enough. But not for Chukotka where just 50000 people live. To tell the truth, fly to Chukotka for just looking at Anadyr is not worth it. There are only a few streets
that you completely bypass a couple of hours. Still, one need to fly and change to a helicopter or ship, go on a visit to the Chukchi and deer. At the same time, this town is an obvious candidate for the title of the brightest town in Russia. See how the perception of the surrounding reality is changing, if one just paint the old Soviet houses!

0 5 the most popular Soviet salads

5 the most popular Soviet salads

  Modern young people are accustomed to junk food, Western food, Japanese sushi and other stuff liberally seasoned with flavors. But is it all can be compared with the normal food?  Yes, sometimes it was difficult to
get the ingredients in the Soviet Russia, but almost every family prepared one or more classical Soviet salads at the great feast. And these are the recipes that I want to share with you.  

1 Foreign Celebrities in the USSR

Foreign Celebrities in the USSR

The arrival of foreign stars in the Soviet Union was a significant event. It was significant both for Soviet citizens, and for the star. Foreign celebrities came to
our country on tour or filming, to participate in festivals, and some of them came even as tourists. Often foreign celebrities came to festivals

1 What Is Inside of a Military Submarine?

What Is Inside of a Military Submarine?

We are in Kaliningrad, Russia, to visit the World Ocean Museum (where one may lose himself
for hours) and get inside a real military submarine. Take a rare chance with us!

1 Turning Silver Into Russian Masterpieces

Turning Silver Into Russian Masterpieces

Blogger aslan has been to many factories but says this one is really special. Here, at "Russkiye samotsvety" ("Russian gems") factory they turn ordinary
silver spoons into small masterpieces. The full process is on photos, production of vases, pendants, sugar scoops are covered too as a bonus.

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