2 Russian Beer Warehouses In Days Of Old

Russian Beer Warehouses In Days Of Old

Zhigulyovsky brewery is one of the oldest in Russia. It was founded by an Austrian Alfred Josef Marie Ritter von Vacano in 1881. Today we are going to show you old
pictures of the Zhigulyovsky brewery warehouses in various cities of Russia and neighbouring countries. The images are provided by Vladimir Samartsev.
3 After Hours of Chelyabinsk Preschool

After Hours of Chelyabinsk Preschool

        A preschool teacher in day time, a vodka drinking gangster in the evening? Social networks of Chelyabinsk city were shocked when the photo of some young men with an
unclear past was leaked to the Internet. Working in a preschool in the daytime, they seemed to use the place for planning their shadow double life things at night. More photos inside:
10 Do Not Marry Girls From Chelyabinsk!

Do Not Marry Girls From Chelyabinsk!

The couple were arguing right in the street and the man was rather rude, he didn't pay much attention
to the girls passing by. One of them turned out to be a world champion in Olympic taekwondo...
3 Exciting Tour to the Chelyabinsk Station

Exciting Tour to the Chelyabinsk Station

Let's take an exciting tour to
the Chelyabinsk station.
1 Chelyabinsk Higher School Of Aviation

Chelyabinsk Higher School Of Aviation

This time we are going to visit the Chelyabinsk Higher
School of Aviation. So, let's start with its miniature.
7 Tough Chelyabinsk Package

Tough Chelyabinsk Package

The New Year is about to arrive and we all think about gifts for our loved ones. It seems that in
Chelyabinsk they pay more attention to how their gifts are packed than to the gifts themselves.
7 Bromine Leak in Chelyabinsk

Bromine Leak in Chelyabinsk

Yesterday, a bromine leak took place in the city of Chelyabinsk. A container with the dangerous chemical was on fire for a long time. Acrid smoke spread
all over the city. Still, the authorities didn't even bother to inform people and the latter had to find out everything for themselves...
3 Unusual Trip to Chelyabinsk

Unusual Trip to Chelyabinsk

Let's visit the nice city of
Chelyabinsk and see it from above.
Private Elevator in Chelyabinsk 2
12 Private Elevator in Chelyabinsk

Private Elevator in Chelyabinsk

In this nice city in Russia there lives a man who once thought that it's not so cool to go outside in cold winter mornings and walk 10 meters to the underground car park. Winters in Chelyabinsk are so cold, you know. But this man was a director of a big construction company, and he found
the simplest solution to his problem - to build something that would allow him to get into a car while still having a dressing-gown and slippers on. This "something" was an elevator. An ordinary one, 4 storeys high. With an air passage right from his apartment.

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