19 Soviet City of the 80s

Soviet City of the 80s

In 1985 the Moscow publishing house "Soviet Russia" issued a big album called "Volgograd" which included
works of five Soviet photographers: R. Beniaminson, V. Pavlov, E. Evzerikhin, V. Kabyshev and V. Ivanov.

4 Cows And Milking Robots

Cows And Milking Robots

Last spring a new unusual dairy farm started to work in the Samara region. The cows of the farm are milked not by people, but by robots. We are going to see how it works. They
began from buying a Soviet farm for a song - some semi-destroyed structures sinking in the mud and overgrown with weeds. And here is what they have got today.

13 Houses For Moscow Elite, Part II

Houses For Moscow Elite, Part II

Starting from 2008 the demand for real estate in "Rublyovka" has been decreasing. Many those who live here sell their houses and move abroad. This tendency is
becoming only more stronger. While the prestige of the posh village is falling, prices of its houses are only growing... The previous part can be seen here.
AeroVolga 1
3 Production of Amphibian Aircrafts

Production of Amphibian Aircrafts

Samara has many industrial companies and objects. One of them is "AeroVolga" where amphibian aircrafts are made. This company was founded in 2002 by enthusiasts.
They produce amphibians in six modifications. In Russia this company has no competitors. They make twelve planes a year and are going to make more.
6 The City For Oilmen Right On the Sea

The City For Oilmen Right On the Sea

What you see on this picture is a whole industrial city made from oil platforms at the banks of Azerbaijan in the 1950s. The USSR was striving for world supremacy in industry, many decisions were made
hastily. Eventually they ran out of the oil and left the place. But the metal platform will stand there for many years more till it finally collapses under the impact of the wind and salty water.

6 Joint Creations of Russia And Japan

Joint Creations of Russia And Japan

Japanese company "Mazda" and Russian company "Sollers" started to assemble cars together. Their first joint
creation is a crossover Mazda CX-5. In spring 2013 they will start serial production of a business-sedan Mazda6.
21 Making Fuel Assemblies For Nuclear Power Plants

Making Fuel Assemblies For Nuclear Power Plants

We are at the Novosibirsk Plant of Chemical Concentrates where fuel assemblies for nuclear power plants are made. Nuclear reactor is something like a huge kettle that boils
water. The water is heated under the impact of the chain nuclear reation that happens in the fuel assembly. Such assemblies are produced just here, in Novosibirsk.
36 How To Sink the Bridge For One Million Dollars?

How To Sink the Bridge For One Million Dollars?

A new bridge appeared in the Kirov region of Russia. Thirty
million rubles (one million dollars) was spent to build it.
11 One Autumn Helicopter Flight

One Autumn Helicopter Flight

Here is a selection of photographs of a Russian city Yekaterinburg taken from the helicopter in
autumn 2012. The scale of the ambitious construction projects is better be seen from above.
27 World Biggest Helicopter: Mi 26

World Biggest Helicopter: Mi 26

This helicopter was flying over the burning reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and over hot spots around the world in the UN peacekeeping missions. It carry cargoes with weight of twenty tons at the distance of 2000 km (1242 miles). The diameter of its screw is equal
to the wingspan of Boeing-737. It has two engines, 11 000 hp each. Mi-26 is the largest serial transport helicopter in the world! "Utair" air company uses the biggest helicopters, the fleet of the company amounts to 352 helicopters, 25 of them are Mi-26.

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