6 Felt Boots Made In Belarus

Felt Boots Made In Belarus

Vasily Fedosenko/Reuters Reuters correspondent took pictures of the production of felt boots at the Smilovichi felting factory, which is
located in the town called Smilovichi not far from Minsk, Belarus. They have been felting boots here for the third century already.
4 Unusual ZIL Truck

Unusual ZIL Truck

What you see is an ordinary Russian ZIL truck. But hardly you can guess what can be hidden inside
of it. Its owner decided to use it in a creative way and earn some money with its help.
6 Ruins of a Once Prosperous Plant

Ruins of a Once Prosperous Plant

This tungsten-molybdenum plant gave life to the city of Tyrnyauz of Kabardino-Balkaria on the last year of WWII. But so long ago it totally became bankrupt. The
government promises to restore it but you will see that there is already nothing to restore there. Those ruins can only be demolished to build a new plant.

6 The Plant Making Russian Helicopters

The Plant Making Russian Helicopters

Kazan helicopter plant is a producer of helicopters of Mi-8/17 series. For all the history of the company more than twelve
thousand helicopters Mi-4, Mi-8, Mi-17, "Ansat" and their modifications have been delivered to 100 countries of the world.

12 Russian Girl Becomes The Face Of the World Famous Game

Russian Girl Becomes The Face Of the World Famous Game

This pretty lady is Anna Moleva. Since recently she has been Miss Mass Effect 3, and her face is on the cover of the world known game. The developers of the game liked her face so much so
they offered her to sign a contract within the promotion campaign Bioshock Infinite and play a role of the main character Elizabeth in the live-action trailer of the game.

8 Who Lives Well In Africa?

Who Lives Well In Africa?

In Liberia he is a local celebrity. Sergey Chernyshev is the only white Ukrainian who drives a red "Hummer" there. He moved to this western African country three years ago and
opened a casino there. He says he had no choice. He possesed much equipment he could not use in Ukraine anymore. Ten years he had spent in Ukraine led to nothing.
18 The Story of One Armor Repair Plant

The Story of One Armor Repair Plant

This is a photo story of one armor repair base - from the times of its prosperity to its decay. The base was decided to be built in 1936. Soon Repair Base 77 appeared in the Russian Far East, the city of Voroshilov (today it is called Ussuriysk).
Officially it was opened in May, 1940 to repair tanks, tractors and other equipment. In 1953 the base turned into the armor repair plant. Today the plant is bankrupt, some of its premises were sold to private companies.
10 Every Parcel Brings Some Happiness!

Every Parcel Brings Some Happiness!

"Russian Post" is the main postage service company. It often happens that many clients of the "Russian Post" are not satisfied with how they work. This time some worker of the company has
downloaded these two photos in the Internet. The video was added by someone else a bit later. The company refuted and tried to explain the situation but many people refused to believe.

7 At the Moscow Brewery

At the Moscow Brewery

Are Russian breweries much different from what one can see in other countries where beer is a
popular drink? We are going to visit one brewery in Moscow right now and check this out.
9 Where Soviet Fighters Were Born

Where Soviet Fighters Were Born

The development department of Mikoyan and Gurevich (MiG) was created in the end of the 1930s, when the Soviet air forces needed fighters with speed of at least 600 km / h and powerful weapons. In
1941 up to twenty five units of MiG-3 was produced daily. By the beginning of WWII MiGs became the most popular type of new generation fighter aircrafts of the Soviet Air Forces.

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