3 Large Russian Factory Making Aircraft

Large Russian Factory Making Aircraft

Ulyanovsk is a city on the Volga river where the main transportation routes intercross. It is also the place of major air routes from Europe and the European part of Russia to Siberia, to the Russian Far East and Asia. Here in 1976 there was started the construction of the Ulyanovsk Aviation Industrial
Complex that was later called "Aviastar". Today it is one of the largest producers of aircrafts for Russia and former Soviet countries. The complex specializes in production of modern passenger and cargo aircrafts of Tu-204 series and unique transport civil planes An-124-100 "Ruslan".
12 At the Abandoned Textile Mill

At the Abandoned Textile Mill

Textile mills are usually cool and beautiful, even abandoned ones. This one was built long ago, before the
revolution, and got abandoned in the beginning of the 2000s. We are going to walk about its rooms and shops.
4 New Cooperative Society

New Cooperative Society

On the 26th of May, 1988 there was adopted the law that permitted cooperatives to deal with any legal activities, including trade. It was expected that
cooperatives would eliminate trade deficit and lead to improved quality of service but what they got was speculation and financial transactions to cash money.

1 How They Make Feast

How They Make Feast

This is the only company in the Russian Far East that makes fireworks. The process does not seem too difficult but it's dangerous anyway to work with explosive and flammable substances. So the work
is strictly controlled at all stages. In order people could see colorful fireworks in the sky each shell goes through dozens of hands, the process of production lasts for nine days.
7 With a Song About Beloved Company

With a Song About Beloved Company

We have found more videos made by people who are devoted to the companies they work for. This time it is the staff of the trade-union "Iskra"
("Sparkle") who sing about their job and workers of the company "Post of Russia". Probably it was fun to make the videos.

3 The Largest Supplier of Polyethylene In Russia

The Largest Supplier of Polyethylene In Russia

"KazanOrgSintez" is one of the largest companies of the chemical industry in Russia. It is very important for the development of Tatarstan economy. Today the company produces polyethylene, polyethylene pipes, phenol, acetone, ethylene glycol, ethanolamines, bisphenol,
polycarbonate and other products of organic synthesis. "KazanOrgSintez" makes more than one million tons of chemical products annually. It produces more than 38% of all Russian polyethylene which makes it to be the largest supplier of this material in the country.
3 Proud To Work Here!

Proud To Work Here!

The Murmansk hospital created a musical advertising video, where its workers sang about their job, how much
they were devoted to their work and how much they liked to "live" in this "blue house" as they called it.
Beer Bath 1
11 Beer Bath For Real Men

Beer Bath For Real Men

One citizen of Minsk, Belarus, has invented an unusual business. He opened the first men's beauty salon which soon became popular thanks to its main service - beer bath SPA. Twenty minutes before arrival of a client they fill the special wooden bath with 100 litres of water and
twenty litres of beer. Such procedures is rather pleasant and useful. Beer is rich in B vitamins which is good for skin and hair. Besides, such baths help to cure aching joints and have an antibacterial effect. One can have a beer bath for 35 dollars.
22 Time Of Free Trade

Time Of Free Trade

 On the 29th of January, 1992 Boris Yeltsin accepted and signed the decree on free trade. Soon hundreds of thousands of traders appeared in the streets of the Russian cities. People habitually called them "speculators". Of course, some of them still bought goods in ordinary shops and sold them at a more expensive price.
The deficit allowed to do that and have profit. But the trade in general started to change and gain new features - valuable and ugly. Probably they had to go through it anyway but that way was too long and too hard. The habit to sell any stuff at any place turned out to be difficult to eradicate.
0 At the Helicopter Repair Plant

At the Helicopter Repair Plant

We are at the specialized company that repairs helicopters of the state and civil aviation.  ­­ Its history started in January, 1942. From the very beginning it was intended to repair aircrafts
and their engines but in 1977 it was fully reoriented to repair Mi-24 helicopters. Since then they have repaired more than 1200 helicopters Mi-8, Mi-14, Mi-17, Ka-27, Ka-29, Ka-32.

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