Fur Farm 22
18 Dead Critters Processing Unit

Dead Critters Processing Unit

Passions always run high over all these fur coats - expensive and beautiful. Some people dream to buy such a posh thing, others are sure they are not worth killing dozens of
animals. This way or another fur business is nearly always profitable. Today we are going to visit a private fur farm in Belarus and see how they work there.

3 Business Idea: Grow Oysters in Your Garage

Business Idea: Grow Oysters in Your Garage

Today we are going to see how seafood is grown in a Russian city Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. It where you
are served such tasty oysters and where you can visit a special farm these oysters come from.

1 Car Making In Saint Petersburg

Car Making In Saint Petersburg

This Hyundai car making manufacture is located in St. Petersburg. All process of car making happens here, on the territory of the factory. They press parts, paint and test them.
Yellow cranes are moving under the ceiling, they lift heavy steel rolls and other parts. Steel sheets go to the pressing shop. On the lower storey is a warehouse.

12 How Smoked Cheese Is Made

How Smoked Cheese Is Made

Smoked cheese "suluguni" is quite good as a snack for beer. Its shape resembles threads
or macaroni. Here you may see how such cheese is made in Abakan, Khakassia.

17 Where Gold Comes From

Where Gold Comes From

This place is in the Akmola region, Kazakhstan. Here gold is mined. The history of the mine reflects the
history of the country itself. It underwent declines and stagnation but finally it managed to revive.

2 The Main Russian Department Store In 1990

The Main Russian Department Store In 1990

If you have been in Moscow, you must have also visited its main department store in the very centre of the capital. It is called "GUM" and is located next to Red Square. The place has a long history,
it appeared in the seventeenth century. Today it posh and luxurious, and always full of people despite high prices. Right now we are going to see how the store looked like in 1990.
7 Abandoned Foundry Number 6

Abandoned Foundry Number 6

Factories are wonderful and we can visit them endlessly. One year replaces another but we still like to come to
places abandoned years ago or operating ones. This is foundry № 6 of one industrial giant company.

5 Two Large Russian Shipyards

Two Large Russian Shipyards

Here are some photos from the two largest shipyards of Saint-Petersburg: "Baltic shipyard" and "Admiralty Shipyards". The second
one is one of the oldest shipyards in all Russia. It is also the first industrial company of St. Petersburg (since 1704).

11 One Day of a Garbage Truck Driver

One Day of a Garbage Truck Driver

Every day citizens of Minsk throw tons of garbage away: on the pavement and into special containers. We are going to spend one day with a person whose job is to keep the city clean.
Andrey starts his working day at 8 a.m. and finishes it at 8 p.m. For this time he manages to overcome 140-180 km along the city and unload garbage from 140 containers.
17 Soviet Union Back In 1930

Soviet Union Back In 1930

One American specialist was on a business trip in the USSR in 1930 and took these photos. Some of
them were taken in Moscow, some - in Kazan, Tatarstan, though we cannot be sure about the rest.

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