4 Where Gold Comes From, Part II

Where Gold Comes From, Part II

Last time we started to tell you how gold is mined in the Akmola region of  Kazakhstan. This time we are going to show how the precious metal
is mined in East Kazakhstan by another company and what is needed to get a gold bar with weight of twelve kilograms (26.45 pounds).

16 Can You Live a Life Like This?

Can You Live a Life Like This?

While some people are mastering nanotechnologies and launching satellites, others live an old life or a bit worse. Only about 100 people remained in the village of Novoyemakovka in the Omsk region. They have no Internet or mobile connection, and guest
workers do not stay there for long. But they have a farm where villagers work. But we want to tell about one Russian woman, Lubov Andreevna Lavrentyeva, the pride of the whole region, repeated winner of various livestock competitions.

4 Russian Willie Wonkas At Work

Russian Willie Wonkas At Work

This is one of the sweetest factories in Russia. It was built in 1970 under the project of an Italian company "Carle and Montanari". In 1995 the factory started its
cooperation with "Nestle" company. Today it makes a big variety of chocolate sweets. All Nestle products produced in Russia are made here, at this factory of Samara.
9 FDA Not Likely to Endorse This

FDA Not Likely to Endorse This

Drugstores sell useful medicines that are not endorsed by FDA however popular among people. One Russian blogger visited the factory which makes such medicines. How are they made? Very simple. They take ordinary stumps (they remain after deforestation and are absolutely
unneeded but still not thrown away) and apparatuses resembling moonshine stills. These stumps are cut into pieces and placed into those apparatuses to be converted into very useful powder which becomes a must have thanks to some marketing manipulations.

20 Welcome to the New Grocery Store!

Welcome to the New Grocery Store!

A new grocery store has opened in Minsk, Belarus. It became the event which is worth to be reported about - A new. Grocery Store. In Minsk!
But what is so special about it? Nothing! It's an ordinary store with ordinary food. But why did so many people come? Who knows!

6 Hi Tech Oil Scouts Deep In Siberian Woods

Hi Tech Oil Scouts Deep In Siberian Woods

Seismic exploration includes geophysical methods of studying the Earth's crust, which are based on the study of artificially excited elastic waves. Seismic exploration is used to study the deep structure of the Earth and to find deposits of minerals (mainly oil and gas), to solve problems of hydrogeology and engineering
geology. Seismic survey is very reliable, it can obtain a huge amount of information. Big profit recoups the work of numerous expensive equipment that comes to the places which have never had any roads at all... Now we are going to spend some time with a seismic crew and see how they work.
13 Inhabited Landfill

Inhabited Landfill

How is it like to sleep in a big bag filled with old blankets in winter? To wash once a week at best? To find home under the planking covered
with linoleum? To earn a living by sorting wastes? We are going to visit one landfill in Belarus and find answers to these questions.

1 Pilot Project: 25000 Toyota Suvs a Year

Pilot Project: 25000 Toyota Suvs a Year

Last week there started a new pilot project of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado manufacture. They plan to make up to twenty five thousand Japanese offroad cars a year. According to the workers of
the factory, the average time for each vehicle at any assembly line is about fifteen minutes. Serial production of the suvs in Vladivostok will be launched in February 2013.

16 Selling Washer Fluid at Minus 30

Selling Washer Fluid at Minus 30

One can see them almost in any street of Moscow. Breaking all the rules, having no certificates and permitting documents, putting
themselves at risk and having no reflective clothing, they are selling wash fluid used at very low temperatures by drivers.
12 How Windows Are Born

How Windows Are Born

Many of us have plastic windows at home but do you know how they are made? Why do they significantly reduce noise, why doesn't moisture get
inside? To get answers to these questions we are going to the Kransoyarsk company "Okno" ("Window") which makes windows for the city.

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