4 A New Acquisition Of S7 Airlines

A New Acquisition Of S7 Airlines

S7 company obtained a new A320 at the Airbus
plant in Toulouse on February 7, 2012.
35 Export Of Soviet Cars To The West

Export Of Soviet Cars To The West

It is known that a plenty of cars made in the USSR was exported to other countries. Some cars were exported massively, while
delivery of others was of an advertising nature mostly. The latter can be related to sale of VOLGA GAZ 21 to England.
16 New Grozny

New Grozny

Grozny City is a complex of high-rise buildings which will serve as hotels, business centers and condominiums in Grozny, the
Chechen Republic. Let's get on top of the tallest building in the city to see what it looks like from above.
15 New Buses Of LiAZ Factory

New Buses Of LiAZ Factory

Likino Bus Factory is a bus manufacturing company located
in Likino that produces Russian buses of GAZ group.
15 Assembly Of Offroaders In Vladivostok

Assembly Of Offroaders In Vladivostok

Sollers is a plant in Vladivostok where offroaders are produced. We have a
chance to visit the place and will be guided through the assembly process.
9 Photos By Alena Nikiforova

Photos By Alena Nikiforova

Alena Nikiforova whose works are presented below was born in Rostov-ob-Don and is an engineer who became a
photographer later. Now she lives in Moscow and takes photos that are used in fashion industry and advertising.
5 How To Make A Career Of A Flight Attendant

How To Make A Career Of A Flight Attendant

When a journalist changes his profession for a while to get more information and write a report straight from the source, the column becomes very
popular. Today 3 bloggers from Almaty will act as cabin crew of Air Astana aviation company and understand what it means to be a flight attendant.
3 Welcome To Ehrmann Yogurt Factory

Welcome To Ehrmann Yogurt Factory

Milk products are extremely popular in Russia. Kefir, ryazhenka and sour cream are considered to be healthy food.  Not long ago, a new product appeared in the list – yogurt. To see which yogurt they eat in Russia, we are heading to Ehrmann company producing ‘Ermighurt’, ‘Prebiotic’, ‘Ermic’, etc. Alois Ehrmann launched his company in Germany in 1920. It was the first company to produce yogurt containing pieces of real fruits which caused a stir among customers. Today, it is
the most technically advanced yogurt factory in Germany. It began exporting its produce to Russia in 1997 and when its turnover reached 100 million German marks, the owners of the company decided to build a yogurt factory in Russia too. The factory opened in 2000 in Ramensky District, the Moscow Region. Today it produces a variety of yogurts and yogurt products such as sour cream, cottage cheese, puddings, desserts, milk shakes and yogurt drinks.
10 Untruthfully Smooth Roads Of Altay

Untruthfully Smooth Roads Of Altay

A famous Russian proverb states that there are two main problems in Russia: fools and roads. Many roads are in a bad condition.
However, some new roads recently built are not even shown on the maps and today we'll get a chance to walk along such a road.
5 From Almaty To Astana

From Almaty To Astana

You can never get enough of travelling because it is always interesting to know what is going on over there, behind the
windows of your car. This time we are going on a trip from Almaty to Astana so don't forget to fasten your seatbelts.

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