8 First Proven SUV in the World

First Proven SUV in the World

We thought that the first SUV was invented in the USSR. But now we are sure it really was! In far 1955! This unusual project of an all-terrain vehicle was made in the Soviet Union, as we mentioned - in 1955. This
car was designed for needs of a countryside, it could considerably help mechanics in their work. GAZ-M73 (1955) - a prototype of a small four-wheel drive machine developed for soviet farm chiefs.
10 Dam On Steep Mountain Slopes

Dam On Steep Mountain Slopes

In 1966 when the Beatles said good-bye to their fans giving the last concert in San-Francisco, far away in Soviet
Dagestan they started construction of a hydropower plant which is the largest vaulted dam in Russia today.

4 An American In Siberia

An American In Siberia

1959. Bratsk, Siberia. These people are going to see a foreigner for the first time in their lives. Children from a summer camp, builders, teachers... They are standing on the dock, so excited and happy, as if
they are meeting a long-awaited close relative... The guest is William Averell Harriman, an American Democratic party politician, businessman, and diplomat. That's what we call a warm welcome.
16 Blocks of Sand and Aluminium

Blocks of Sand and Aluminium

This is aerated concrete, have you seen such material? It is quite popular in Russia. Several times cheaper than brick. This material seems to be a modern one but in fact it started to be produced back in the USSR, in the 1930s. Aerated concrete is modern energy-saving material used in individual
construction. The main thing about it is that anyone can build a house using foamed concrete without any help. The photos below were taken at Ytong factory in Mozhaisk city that started functioning in 2008. This is the largest factory producing aerated concrete in Russia.

18 Getting Ready For the Winter Season

Getting Ready For the Winter Season

Harvest is now being gathered  and it is a hot time for plants making canned food. For some of you this might seem not
very appetizing but we'll take the risk to show you how cucumbers and tomatoes are canned at one factory of Russia.

18 Successful Merchants of Old Time

Successful Merchants of Old Time

The Eliseev brothers were rich Russian merchants who owned some shops, many warehouses and vodka and
confectionery factories in the beginning of the last century. Let us look at the magnificent old buildings.

2 Territory of Flowers

Territory of Flowers

When we see hundreds of flowers in the streets and boulevards, when we give them to our dear ones, we usually do not ask ourselves where they all come from. But the
answer is simple: from hothouses, of course! The Moscow region has a lot of hothouses: little and small. One of them, old enough, we are going to visit now.
10 Abandoned Chemical Weaponry Plant

Abandoned Chemical Weaponry Plant

We are at one forgotten place where chemical weapons used to be made. Soon after the USSR
collapse the plant was burning in the fire and never recovered, today it stays abandoned...

1 Kiev At Night

Kiev At Night

Kiev is a beautiful city. Its night views with
yellow buildings in the center are never boring.

12 Tu Planes Are Russian Boeings

Tu Planes Are Russian Boeings

This is a plant named after one of the most prominent
aircraft designers of the 20th century - Andrey Tupolev.

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