people pick up cucumbers in Belarus 1
45 Cucumber Pickers of Belarus

Cucumber Pickers of Belarus

  What do those people do? They implement new technology in agriculture. It consists of one tractor riding by the road in the middle of the cucumber field and carrying up to ten people by both
sides of the thing that its towing. People lay on it and pick up cucumbers on the go then putting them on the moving transporter which collects cucumbers to the central storage.
Special forces of Belarus 1
36 Belarus Special Forces

Belarus Special Forces

  The training of
Belarus Special Forces.
abandoned soviet trains in belarus 1
32 Abandoned Soviet Trains In Belarus

Abandoned Soviet Trains In Belarus

  We've already posted the pictures of abandoned trains of Soviet Era in Abkhazia and Northern
Siberian lands of Russia. Here are some new shots of such a place in Brest (Belarus).
21 More Belarus Police

More Belarus Police

  After publishing the news about tractors used in Belarus police department, we started to receive a lot of messages from our indignant
Belarussian visitors. The point is that tracktors are not the only Belarussian police vehicles, as you can see on the next submitted photos.
huge military radiostation in Belorussia 1
22 Above Woods of Belarus

Above Woods of Belarus

  Deep inside the woods of Belarus (Belorussia) right in the middle of nowhere, among swamps and valleys there is a military base. Eighteen tall poles pump out of the ground, visible from many miles away from the site. To
climb up one should overpass about 1000 ft. But the author of the pictures below not only wasnt frightened of such height but got through the dense forest, leaving behind swamps, and made breath-taking footage.
Police on Tractors 1
25 Belarus Police Rides Tractors

Belarus Police Rides Tractors

  Police in Republic Belarus (Belorussia)
rides tractors. Even the road police!
ufo in belarus
24 UFO in Belarus

UFO in Belarus

One guy in Belarus has made a video of some
pretty stable UFO thing. Watch video:
41 Belarussian Detention

Belarussian Detention

That's how police in Belarus
(Belorussia) conduct a detention.
Belarusian movie posters 1
69 Belarusian Movie Posters

Belarusian Movie Posters

  Some people call Belarus "The last and only dictatorship in Europe", well today we have some posters from this unique country. These are posters for Hollywood movies made for the cinemas
of Belarus capital city Minsk. The first one above is for the movie "50 First Dates" with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, you can see their faces clearly on this poster.

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