1 Thai Boxing Couple From Belarus

Thai Boxing Couple From Belarus

Dmitry and Maria Valent are masters of Thai boxing and spouses. They have been married for
one year only but acquainted for more than nine years. They met during competitions.

1 Belarus Parade

Belarus Parade

In Belarus they also have parades. Pavel, photographer, has visited the event to see the army of this country on parade. "This is murder!", says Pavel, "a murder of the pavement of our city! Yes, we have a glorious past but why should
we destroy roads paved with our tax money with those tanks?" Looks like this what people think about their parade. At least Pavel does. But here are some photos he took, so what does the Belarus army have in store? 

8 A Blonde Bus Driver in Belarus

A Blonde Bus Driver in Belarus

Setting aside all the fun jokes about blondes that can't drive, people of a Belarus daily news portal published a story about a young blonde that can drive and actually drives a big MAZ bus through the suburbs of the Belarus capital. "I have to renew my manicure more
often and sometimes boys want to hook up with me while I am in my workplace - behind the wheel of this big bus", says Yelena, the driver, having twelve years of experience driving and owning the license for passenger car, large bus and large truck.

8 Life in Belarus Village

Life in Belarus Village

Recently, the Belarus president has been mentioned in the news for supposedly wanting to restrict the villagers of Belarus from changing their place of residence and place of work, chaining them to their current locations. Later, he said the press didn't get his words
right, and he didn't want to enslave the peasants but was, on the contrary, talking about the managers calling for them not to change workplaces and to stay where they are. Anyway, these are the photos from AP about Belarus and life in its villages.

10 Young Belarus Guys Drafted to Serve in Army

Young Belarus Guys Drafted to Serve in Army

About one thousand young guys from Belarus were drafted to enrol in the army. The draft is obligatory in most countries of ex-USSR, including
Russia, so most of them had no choice. What you'll see in the next photo might make you think: "What really is happening here?"

2 Belarussian  Part of  Chernobyl

Belarussian Part of Chernobyl

The exclusion zone around Chernobyl applies to part of the territory of Belarus also. Several days a year everyone has the right to legally enter into the Belarusian part of the zone of radioactive contamination.  On Radunitsa - Belarusian holiday, thousands of people go to the
cemetery located behind the barbed wire and signs warning of a "Radiation hazard." This is an opportunity to see how the area has changing over the years, without the presence of people, and to have a look at it from the highest point of the Belarusian part of the zone.

2 Special Forces Contest in Belarus

Special Forces Contest in Belarus

In Belarus police a special contest is being held. The winners will get the right to wear a maroon beret - a special headwear with a distinction. As being said policemen consider it to be a special insignia distincting the most brave amongst them. The
contest is open for Belarussian police special forces active members, but not only them can participate - others serving in military or even studying in the police university can test themselves and have a chance earning the beret.
5 Belarus: Disappearing Traditions

Belarus: Disappearing Traditions

The old style new year celebrated in a remote Belorussian
village. It seems time stopped here many many years ago!
4 Making Tiles and Sanitaryware In Belarus

Making Tiles and Sanitaryware In Belarus

How do they make ceramic tiles? Shortly speaking clay is mixed with sand and other ingredients, then this mixture undergoes drying, pressing, glazing and
kilning. But the details are much more interesting and complicated. Check out the whole process at one of the Belorussian companies with us.

4 Maroon Berets of Belarus

Maroon Berets of Belarus

Look how Belorussian soldiers overcome an
obstacle course to deserve their maroon berets.

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