2 Man in Polotsk Belarus Builds a Tractor Himself

Man in Polotsk Belarus Builds a Tractor Himself

These days when ex Soviet countries fight the recession and decline of their national currencies the hardware and automotive products are extremely expensive. To get a new tractor for a farm for example would require years and years of their income. So this man from
Polotsk, Belarus decided to find a way himself. He found tons of different scrap metal things and old auto parts and crafted it all together into a tractor. Let's see what he got, thanks to his daughter, who brought some publicity to her father's gains:

4 Belarus President Harvests Potatoes

Belarus President Harvests Potatoes

If the Russian president indulges in horse trips or diving down to the seabed looking for ancient amphorae, and the American president enjoys watching bears with Bear Grylls, then the Belarus president indulges
in something a little different. He, together with his son Kolya, went to help harvest potatoes on his local dacha farm. It was reported that they succeeded in gathering 70 large bags full of potatoes in one day.

10 Gerard Depardieu pays a visit to Belarus President

Gerard Depardieu pays a visit to Belarus President

The famous French actor has paid a visit to the president of Belarus, but instead of going all official the president of all Belarussians has
taken the actor into the fields to do some farming. Take a look inside: The president has a scythe and is demonstrating how to use it.

2 New Military Museum In Minsk, Belarus

New Military Museum In Minsk, Belarus

A new military museum devoted to World War II has opened in Minsk, Belarus, just recently. It is appropriately located right behind the stele "Minsk is a
hero city" erected in 1985. We are going to join blogger deletant and visit the museum right now. The image above is a Soviet flat of the 1930s.

0 Cars Get Damaged by Falling Bricks in Brest, Belarus

Cars Get Damaged by Falling Bricks in Brest, Belarus

Stormy wind in Brest, Belarus, collapsed the brick wall of the garage cooperative and seriously damaged ten cars parked on the facility. In
other areas of the Belorussian city trees fell and collapsed four more cars. Some pictures of the cars under the bricks are inside.

2 Man From Belarus Keeps Crocodile As Pet

Man From Belarus Keeps Crocodile As Pet

Bezodnitsa village near Minsk, Belarus is getting ready for the New Year holidays. People heat their bath houses, decorate trees, and remove snow from their yards... And just like
other busy locals a Nile crocodile, Gena, looks forward to celebrate the upcoming holidays too. He observes the world from the 2 x 0,5m terrarium and looks rather happy.

4 Soviet Army Legacy Supermarket in Belarus

Soviet Army Legacy Supermarket in Belarus

Have you ever dreamt of your own armoured personal carrier? To drive in the countryside and scare locals away? Or maybe you'd prefer a cross-country vehicle to furrow frozen ground? If you are a radio ham you are twice lucky because you could find so much working material here! Blogger Anton (anton-petrus) has been there in spring - the
military unit belonging to the communications division of the Belorussian Mistry of Defence. This where they do real business! After the collapse of the USSR Belarus had a lot of equipment - most of it in an ideal condition. And they decided to sell it, places like this turned into a huge unique supermarket!
4 Medieval Metallica by Belarussian Band

Medieval Metallica by Belarussian Band

  If you ever wondered how Metallica song could sound in medieval time then this is how. A Metallica "One" song played by the Belarussian band that studies and plays medieval
music. The guys are pretty serious with what they do and the singer himself even tries to look in his everyday life like if he was from dark ages. Check it out:

1 Thai Boxing Couple From Belarus

Thai Boxing Couple From Belarus

Dmitry and Maria Valent are masters of Thai boxing and spouses. They have been married for
one year only but acquainted for more than nine years. They met during competitions.

1 Belarus Parade

Belarus Parade

In Belarus they also have parades. Pavel, photographer, has visited the event to see the army of this country on parade. "This is murder!", says Pavel, "a murder of the pavement of our city! Yes, we have a glorious past but why should
we destroy roads paved with our tax money with those tanks?" Looks like this what people think about their parade. At least Pavel does. But here are some photos he took, so what does the Belarus army have in store? 

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