12 Three Russian Guys Travel Across Country in an Old Soviet Car

Three Russian Guys Travel Across Country in an Old Soviet Car

Three Russian guys decided to go on an unusual adventure - travel across Russia in an old Soviet car. Basically, this car was always treated as a parody of a normal car and was always ridiculed in funny stories, etc. It only has forty
horsepower and the car's basic appearance stayed the same from the 1960's until the 1990's when they stopped producing them in Ukraine. However it didn't stop them from taking one of the cars for a journey. So here are some pics.
3 Firefighting Plane

Firefighting Plane

This is why you need an airplane that can carry 12 tons of water in its tanks: a firefighter pilot saw this burning house  when he was heading to the nearby forest fires, turned his
plane back and dropped all this water upon it with ground based firefighters filming him. They acknowledged that the fires were completely extinguished by this act.
4 Wolfen Dragon Car

Wolfen Dragon Car

  Inspired by Mad Max movie someone has come out with their own view on how the cool vehicle should look like. Please meet Wolfen Car
or Dragon Wolfen Car from Russia. If you ever wanted to call any car a beast then this one is a good candidate for the name.
4 From old MAZ into MAZZY

From old MAZ into MAZZY

  Guys have took an old Soviet Minsk Auto Zavod (MAZ) truck and converted it into futuristic
MAZZY hot rod truck which is here before you together with a few photos of the process.

11 Boomerang: Heavily Armed Armored Vehicle

Boomerang: Heavily Armed Armored Vehicle

Another interesting armored vehicle that participated in the Victory parade on Red Square called "Boomerang". The vehicle created by the Tula design bureau has an
integrated combat module, a 30 mm weapon with 500 cartriges, a grenade machine gun and missiles "Cornet" - fire range of "Boomerang" is up to 10 000 m.

35 Unique Nuclear War Tank

Unique Nuclear War Tank

This tank can be considered a symbol of the nuclear war that never happened. Its construction is optimal for opposing to shock waves, four-crawler track undercarriage - to move in the conditions of a nuclear winter... Heavy tank
"Object 279" was unique and had no competitors. It had an unusual ellipsoidal shape protecting the tank from overturning if hit by a shock wave of a nuclear explosion. Let's have a closer look at the vehicle.

3 Victory Parade in Novosibirsk

Victory Parade in Novosibirsk

On May 9, 2015 there was a big military parade in Novosibirsk, too. Its participants were 3000 military men, over 60 units of ground vehicles and 13 units of air vehicles. It was the first parade involving an air show in Novosibirsk. Helicopters Mi-8, Mi-24, interceptors MiG-31 and fighter-bombers Su-34 appeared in the sky over the main square
of the city. "Iscander-M" and "Yars" missile systems were among the ground vehicles showing up for the first time as well. This photo-report covers the parade itself, the process of aircrafts preparation for departure from Tolmachevo airport, the marching of the soldiers and the meeting of a special retro train.

2 Unique Soviet Snow Mobile Zil E167

Unique Soviet Snow Mobile Zil E167

ZiL-E167 (1963) is an experimental wheeled cross-country vehicle designed for use in adverse weather conditions in impassable remote
areas of Siberia. ZiL was being developed under the lead of a woman, and this fact makes the project even more unique.

3 Shooting the Parade from Red Square

Shooting the Parade from Red Square

Blogger fotografersha occupied a nice place at the monument to Minin and Pozharskiy on Red Square of Moscow to take images of
the Victory Day parade from there. According to the blogger it was the best location for shooting. Let's see...

1 Parade Vehicles From Almaz Antey Group Company

Parade Vehicles From Almaz Antey Group Company

You've seen a lot of vehicles that participated in the parade on Victory Day (May, 9) in Moscow. This post is about the parade military equipment produced by JSC "Almaz-Antey". Almost 200 vehicles
were shown at the parade, twenty-four of them were made by "Almaz-Antey", including missile launch systems S-400 "Triumph", air defence systems "Tor-M2U", missile systems "Buk-M2".