11 One Day of a Garbage Truck Driver

One Day of a Garbage Truck Driver

Every day citizens of Minsk throw tons of garbage away: on the pavement and into special containers. We are going to spend one day with a person whose job is to keep the city clean.
Andrey starts his working day at 8 a.m. and finishes it at 8 p.m. For this time he manages to overcome 140-180 km along the city and unload garbage from 140 containers.
3 Cool Russian Off Road

Cool Russian Off Road

Winter roads never help to be where you need on time. It's when drivers seek for
different ways not to be late. Sometimes going off the road can help them out.
2 How Students Clear Snow Away

How Students Clear Snow Away

Two guys from Odessa, Ukraine invented a new way to clear the snow away. The method became
successful and now the territory near the Odessa school is clean from snow. Everyone is happy.
4 Do Not Park On the Slippery Road

Do Not Park On the Slippery Road

Five cars in one accident? It becomes more than possible on a slippery road. Cars break in clusters and you never know
when your car finds itself in such an unlucky company. You may leave near your house and find broken when come back..
3 You Wanted Money? Get This Instead!

You Wanted Money? Get This Instead!

One pedestrian lay down right in front of the car as if he was run over right on the crosswalk. He probably wanted the driver to give him some money for not
calling the traffic police. But the driver of Mitsubishi Outlander was apparently attracted by something else and didn't notice the man lying on the road..
0 When You Have No Time For Prayer

When You Have No Time For Prayer

When you cannot control your own car on the slippery winter road you can remember all your life in this single moment,
but hardly you have enough time to pray. It seems nothing can help you but miracles do happen sometimes...
9 Craziness, Part IX

Craziness, Part IX

Today in our selection of craziness are strange vehicles for winter roads, awesome games of railway
workers, alien dummies, dirtiest snowmen, funny kids, new ways to iron trousers and much more.
4 Once You Park Your Car In a Wrong Place

Once You Park Your Car In a Wrong Place

This video is another reason to park your car in a proper way. Who knows what can happen to the car
which was parked in a wrong place. In Russia, for example, such tow truck may come for it...

2 The Plant Making Locomotives

The Plant Making Locomotives

"Ural Locomotives" is a railway engineering company in Verkhnyaya Pyshma, not far from Yekaterinburg, Russia. It
produces freight electric locomotives and freight electric locomotives. We are about to walk along its shops.

2 Walking Down the Spiral

Walking Down the Spiral

There are some places where you want to come back again and again. And not because they are too interesting or unusual but because they
are too big to see everything in one visit.This is one of them. After dull days at offices it's something incredibly new.