2 Pure Luck

Pure Luck

This is what can be called to be truly lucky dude. Took it him just a couple
feet to the right and it would be truly tragic. But for now it is pure luck.
15 Ukrainian Highway

Ukrainian Highway

Do you know what it is like to take a highway in Ukraine? Here is an idea of the how fast you can go thru one of the main routes connecting two major Ukrainian cities. Also they say it
was fully reconstructed couple of years ago when Ukraine hosted world's soccer cup. Looks like it didn't last that long. I personally adore that bumping sound then and that.
1 What Happened Today?

What Happened Today?

It happened so that lot of things going on around and nobody notices. Previously, news programs tried to cover things, so we decided to have here a regular news flash too, the only thing we don't have a news anchor yet but hopefully
that's a temporary situation. In just a couple of minutes you are going to see things happened that you probably haven't seen happening before. And almost everything happened just yesterday. Or a few days ago. 
15 Need a Taxi?

Need a Taxi?

Next time when you visit Tbilisi, Georgia, don't forget to call this guy for a taxi ride. I don't know his prices but looks like you won't get
this kind of service anywhere else in the world. And for sure you won't be late for your plane. Two videos of pure adrenaline rush.
12 Repair of Air Defence Systems

Repair of Air Defence Systems

We are in Belarus, at the base where old and new air defence systems are repaired. The base appeared in the 1940s,  till 1950s it had
been used for storage and repair of unremarkable anti-aircraft guns. Today all Soviet air defence systems are repaired there.
3 Two Opposites

Two Opposites

Here you can see two ways of doing one thing. Like two extremes of
the same thing. The first one is pretty staggering. Here it is:

5 This is Big Luck!

This is Big Luck!

No, really, one of the luckiest peds ever! First this car, then the tree. What did she
feel at that moment? Anyway, she should celebrate this luck and her second birthday.
3 News From Russian Roads, Part 65

News From Russian Roads, Part 65

When a car gets stuck in mud far from the city, almost nothing can help it to drive out. Even
if someone, who lives in thу nearby village, decided to help, it will hardly work.

9 Craziness, Part XVI

Craziness, Part XVI

In the selection of craziness today: weird carpet photos, high snow of Moscow, girls who choose bad background
for taking pictures, golden cars, funny situations at gas stations, wrong games with children and much more.
2 Video: Crazy Russian Streetracing

Video: Crazy Russian Streetracing

Sometimes men feel that they can do absolutely anything. But such drift can
hardly end well. Next time they won't wish to do any trick like this.

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