15 Belorussian Smugglers

Belorussian Smugglers

Having price tag differences of more than 400% between the non European Union Belarus and the European Union Lithuania makes people do lots of tricks in the hope of smuggling goods from one country to the other. Like
the ones you see in these pics. They say that in both Belarus and Lithuania lots of garages offer the service of installing hidden compartments anywhere in the car, from the bumper to the dashboard.

20 Eight Year Old Doing 60 On a Highway

Eight Year Old Doing 60 On a Highway

New stars in the Russian Internet segment appeared lately - the parents of the girl who was
driving the new expensive Audi car sixty mph on a highway covered with snow and ice.
4 Things Go Weirder and Weirder

Things Go Weirder and Weirder

Things go weirder and weirder after that meteor strike! A lunatic Lada was spotted near one mall with no driver present going full berserk riding rounds and rounds on the parking lot. The good guys tried to save
the around standing cars triggering their alarms and then they tried to break the glass of the lunatic fringe vehicle. It's pity it gets to shaky at the end as they go more and more into stoping it.
24 Army of Belarus

Army of Belarus

We are going to spend some time with an odinary regiment of Belarus and
see how they conduct live firing, survive in cold and much more.

12 This Is How You Roll In Russia

This Is How You Roll In Russia

Travel range: up to 500 miles. Biotoilet? Present. Shower? We've got it too. Going under water? No problem. Microwave and some beds? Yeah we've got them as well. Six
gear transmission, special rubberized tracks - the dreamcar for someone who wants to go that far that nobody went before and stay there for some time.
1 Top Four Epic Lada Cars

Top Four Epic Lada Cars

...of this week. No, when I say epic they are really something you didn't see anywhere before. Especially the excellent skill of the
winner and the durability of the second place holder. And don't call your Dawg to fix that. Ladas don't need any more fix than this.
0 Let Us Break Some Cars After School

Let Us Break Some Cars After School

Lada breaking must be a special afterschool class needed to be implemented so that to prevent the Lada breakage happening on its own by the
middle school (and elementary school too!) kids around the country. You are a kid, you can't be harmed. So you can break a Lada. Or two.
13 Snow, Targets and Two Smoking Barrels

Snow, Targets and Two Smoking Barrels

...not two actually, but lots of more. Winter, lots of snow, guns, police, shooting, moving here and there just to move. What a life.
Little bit after some food, shooting from bazooka, AK47, driving a Hummer like a creature around and going home in the evening. Nice.
0 Wild Wild West (of Russia)

Wild Wild West (of Russia)

Location: Wild Wild West. Problems are get solved still in a cowboy style with a dominance of the man power. Though a car size might be a primal awareness signal of keeping out sometimes it doesn't work in wild west situations and then the secondary (previously
primal) human capacities like a size of the body and a muscle strength get on the first place. What can be adored here is the ability to make such a maneuver in the middle of the crowded intersection to change a route in a direction of the prey.
8 Missile Trucks Scattered In the Forest

Missile Trucks Scattered In the Forest

We already know that forests of the Moscow region hide many interesting things such as Soviet abandoned military equipment. Today we are somewhere in a Moscow forest again
and not for mushrooms, of course. We are here to find some large green trucks MAZ and KrAZ impressing with their dimensions, power and pretty good condition.

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