10 Truck Hijacking In Moscow

Truck Hijacking In Moscow

This incident happened not so long ago. The criminals are still being searched. Now trucks hijacking happens more and more often. This
time the bandits even forgot about the DVR inside. They stole the truck, looted it and abandoned. See the vide from 2:40.
16 Cool Names For Russian Military Equipment

Cool Names For Russian Military Equipment

Sometimes military equipment created in Russia gets vary strange names. While Germany has "Leopard" tank, Israel has its battle tank "Merkava",
America has its "Abrams" tank, France  - its "Leclerc" named after famous generals... In Russia we call it different. Let us see how...
5 Craziness, Part VIII

Craziness, Part VIII

Weird, amazing, unusual side of Russia is what we all like to see again and again. Here is another
portion of the pictures that will hopefully make you smile. Enjoy and share with your friends.
9 When Drivers Have Plenty of Time

When Drivers Have Plenty of Time

Two drivers could not share one narrow snowy road, one of them jockingly offered to stay right there a couple of days if the second one is not
in a hurry. In such a way he wanted to teach him a lesson but it didn't work. Probably both didn't hurry much. Watch till the end.

3 Extreme Winter Riding

Extreme Winter Riding

Yesterday seven bikers from Vladivostok, the city on the Russian Far East, arranged a flashmob and rode their
bikes being half-nude as if it was summer. They decided to say "no" to winter cold and make people smile.

9 News From Russian Roads, Part 63

News From Russian Roads, Part 63

A new trend was noticed on the Moscow roads. Many drivers of the city started to close a part of a car number with
a piece of paper. It is mainly done with the rear plate but sometimes can be seen on the front one too.

2 Like Bad Skaters

Like Bad Skaters

The first snow in Vladivostok brought first accidents and first victims. In some places cars of summer rubber fans were
breaking in groups on level but slippery ground. However one careless driver may cause breakage of numerous parked cars.

7 How I Made a Trike

How I Made a Trike

The owner of this three-wheel trike started to dream of making a unique motorcycle with his own hands back in 2003. In 2004 he bought
an ordinary motorcycle and used it for one season only. Then he finally decided to make a trike. See how he managed to do it.
4 Unusual ZIL Truck

Unusual ZIL Truck

What you see is an ordinary Russian ZIL truck. But hardly you can guess what can be hidden inside
of it. Its owner decided to use it in a creative way and earn some money with its help.
9 Kamaz Crosses the River

Kamaz Crosses the River

KAMAZ is afraid of nothing! It can cross any obstacle. Look how it copies
with the challenge to cross the river being heavily loaded with logs.

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