1 These Sidewalks Are Not For Trucks

These Sidewalks Are Not For Trucks

Here is what happens when a lazy driver wants to park closer to a metal recieving
point and when they try to save on ballast put under a layer of asphalt...
3 With Bicycle to the Underground

With Bicycle to the Underground

There is a limit in Moscow (and other Russian) underground transportation system - you can't enter it carrying your bicycle. You can go biking around, but entering the metro system is no-no. Nothing helps - you can't ask the guard to let you come thru or pay
extra to carry it as baggage. So if people get back home late at night and have their two-wheeled friend around they have to do something like this to be able to enter. As a rule the guard is an old lady who won't run for you once you by pass her.
5 Police Arrived

Police Arrived

This is how police arrives (sometimes). Just wait for it, and then: "Don't worry, I am police,
everything is perfectly fine, stay calm!". (He is really dressed as policeman and he is one).
16 Soviet Steam Car Powered With Wood: The First And The Last

Soviet Steam Car Powered With Wood: The First And The Last

The unique truck we gonna tell you about appeared in 1949. People still remembered about severe war time when freighters had to perform their tasks with a shortage of liquid fuel - gasoline. Partially the problem was solved by
gas-producer vehicles - heavy and demanding - they allowed to get gas for powering engines. However such vehicles were not efficient enough and engineers thought about steamers which were used widely abroad in the 1920-40s. 
3 Epic Hot Water Fountain

Epic Hot Water Fountain

The most epic underground fountain made up of hot water sprung on one of Smolensk city main square. Throwing tons of trash and stones as large as a building brick it found its way deep from inside of
the ground and high into the skies, sending the rocks and dirt all across the parking lot. We have here more photos and a video how it all started, luckily captured on a surveillance cam.
2 Another Day Goes By

Another Day Goes By

"Oh, think twice, 'cause it's another day in...".
Basically just one shot, but it's so full of life.
15 City Is Going Under Ground

City Is Going Under Ground

All this things happened in one city of Samara, in just recent times. The citizens panic that the city is gradually going under the ground,
they started signing a petition to save their city from the unseen crysis which creeps them out - the city is literally sinking.
2 Don’t Park Your Car in Puddles

Don’t Park Your Car in Puddles

In Northern region they have one simple rule in spring. Don't ever park your car overnight close to big puddles or snow piles, because what happens is that hot
spring sun melts it pretty fast but freezing spring nights get it back to an icy state and this is what happens to your car if you don't follow the rules.
11 Driving in Moscow

Driving in Moscow

Driving around Moscow lately is not easy - the all snow started to melt and this is what
you get - brownish water, and luxury Mercedes and other cars cruising thru this.
23 Kiev, Ukraine, Today

Kiev, Ukraine, Today

So this is Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, today. They say those are the most violent snow storms for over hundred of the years and the largest city of Ukraine, with around 3,000,000 people living there got all its road covered with this much snow. A lot of trains have stucked near the city. Some
govermental authorities travelling on their priority cars were stuck on the road as well as the flashlights couldn't help against the storm. Army has arrived into the city to help cleaning up the snow. Almost six hundred smaller towns and villages stay without electricity as reported.