9 World Largest Dumptruck At the Huge Coal Mine

World Largest Dumptruck At the Huge Coal Mine

Bachatsky open-pit coal mine is one of the largest mines of Kuzbas. Its annual output is over 8 million 700 thousand tons. It extract fuel for energetic and metallurgical fields of Russia and many other countries of the world. The mine uses 29
excavators, 63 dumpers, 9 locomotives, 3 rigs and 24 heavy bulldozers. The biggest among all dumptrucks is BelAZ-75600, its capacity is 320 tons, full mass - 500 tons! In the former countries of the USSR it's the biggest truck.
8 Low Car Vs Speed Bump

Low Car Vs Speed Bump

Who said that it's cool to have a low car? It can only make you feel
this stupid sometimes. By the way, how do you like the soundtrack?
0 Quick Disposal of the Refrigerator

Quick Disposal of the Refrigerator

Have you ever seen how large household appliances
are disposed in Russia? This way, for example...

1 Victory Day Accidents

Victory Day Accidents

These accidents both happened on the day when the whole country was celebrating the day of victory over nazi Germany. A gas bottle exploded on the roof of this bus in Moscow - two people suffered - a woman and a
child. Fortunately, at the moment of explosion there was nobody in the bus, even the driver. The Moscow authorities temporarily removed fifty similar buses working on gas from the lines to check them.

8 That Far 1943

That Far 1943

A selection of impressive black and white
photographs of that uneasy year 1943.
2 And the Oscar Goes to

And the Oscar Goes to

Doesn't she know that she lives in Russia where almost every car has a dashcam today? She should also know that false testimony of a victim are punished by a 80000 rubles (2666 dollars) fine or compulsory works for a
term of 180 to 240 hours or correctional labor for up to two years or imprisonment for up to 3 months. She could be even imprisoned for five years for wrongful accusation of serious crime...  

2 Victory Parade Dress Rehearsals

Victory Parade Dress Rehearsals

Almost all big Russian cities hold rehearsals of military parades devoted to the 68th
anniversary of the victory in WWII. Here are some shots from Moscow and Vladivostok.

3 The Model Is Like Real

The Model Is Like Real

It's a short photo story of how one model of a Soviet car ZAZ-968 "Zaporozhetsk" was being created. The model was made manually,
with elements of genuine leather, glass, metal. The size of the model is 195 mm x 80 mm, weight is about a kilogram.
1 Excavators Vs Lack of Roads

Excavators Vs Lack of Roads

What remains to do when you need to move but there are no roads
around? Only water. In Siberia they know how to solve this problem.
0 Road Rage of the Addict

Road Rage of the Addict

It sooner resembles some Hollywood movie but in fact it's happened recently in the very centre of Moscow. One addict stole a police car and started his crazy road rage.
Everything he was doing was shot with a cam inside of the car... He crashed three cars more and tried to escape but was hit by another car and hospitalized.

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