10 Russian Supercar Marussia

Russian Supercar Marussia

Maybe some people still doubt but Russia has its own supercars. This post is about one of them called
"Marussia" - the product of the project that despite many obstacles keeps developing and expanding.
0 How Not to Tow

How Not to Tow

We do not know what this guy was hoping for, maybe it's a normal
thing for Saint-Petersburg, but all the labor was lost.
4 In the Belorussian Field Camp

In the Belorussian Field Camp

The place we are about to visit is a Belorussian military field camp of the missile artillery regiment that has already been functioning for a month. Check
out how the Belorussian army live in the field conditions, what the Belorussian soldiers eat and how dangerous the missile launcher "Uragan" is.
1 Fire In the Village: No Chance to Save the House

Fire In the Village: No Chance to Save the House

How does a house usually burn down in a village? If not extinguished in the very first moments it can hardly be saved, and people do not call the fire department because they still hope to
manage the situation by their own efforts. But the house is burning down too fast, and when they realize their impotence they start to dial 01 with their trembling burnt fingers...

4 Beauty and Power: Russian Multiple Launch Rocket Systems

Beauty and Power: Russian Multiple Launch Rocket Systems

We are at the most secret military unit located in Tver, Russia. It is exactly where multiple launch rocket systems and support vehicles are based. Strangers are not allowed here, in this place
of high secrecy. Only some days before the Defender's day a group of journalists could visit this place and take pictures of the beauty, power and strength of the Russian army.

2 Belorussian Village Inventor

Belorussian Village Inventor

Those who live in the Plastok village of Belarus are not surprised anymore when see the new inventions of their neighbour. All summer long they can observe a hang-glider flying in the sky, and the wife of the inventor
sometimes goes to the local feldsher's station where she works, by a custom bright red electric car. Technical miracles of the man are already famous in legends in the remote Belorussian province.

6 Here We Have Our Own Lamborghini

Here We Have Our Own Lamborghini

Guys from Bishkek, Kirghizia, assembled a complete copy of a supercar Lamborghini Sesto Elemento in
their little garage. They made many drawings and spent much money and this is what they get.

5 Twin Cars Detected!

Twin Cars Detected!

A curious incident happened this week in Astana, Kazakhstan. The owner of Mazda CX7 noticed a
complete copy of his car in his own city. But how can these cars have identical number plates?
5 Unique Tank Moves Out For Restoration

Unique Tank Moves Out For Restoration

A unique five-turret tank T-35A, the only one in the world preserved today, moved out for restoration under its own power a few days ago. The serial vehicle was made in 1935 in Kharkov, Ukraine, it had
been used before the war for training specialists of tank forces. The tank was given to a museum in 1951, and after the restoration it will be presented to the public in its full glory.
4 You Did It Right!

You Did It Right!

If someone bothers you on a road, maybe you can make it right yourself instead of
being rude in response. It does not matter that you may never hear "thanks".

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