5 Twin Cars Detected!

Twin Cars Detected!

A curious incident happened this week in Astana, Kazakhstan. The owner of Mazda CX7 noticed a
complete copy of his car in his own city. But how can these cars have identical number plates?
5 Unique Tank Moves Out For Restoration

Unique Tank Moves Out For Restoration

A unique five-turret tank T-35A, the only one in the world preserved today, moved out for restoration under its own power a few days ago. The serial vehicle was made in 1935 in Kharkov, Ukraine, it had
been used before the war for training specialists of tank forces. The tank was given to a museum in 1951, and after the restoration it will be presented to the public in its full glory.
4 You Did It Right!

You Did It Right!

If someone bothers you on a road, maybe you can make it right yourself instead of
being rude in response. It does not matter that you may never hear "thanks".
5 Metro Rail Tram System for a tiny Village in Siberia

Metro Rail Tram System for a tiny Village in Siberia

Paranino - a small village not far from Chelyabinsk (which got famous for its recent picturesque meteorite sky show). It's a regular village with farmers, cows or goats crossing the streets, nice nature etc. But what makes it so special? Since early 1900s it is a home of a factory that makes... trams. And when they make trams they need a handy spot for trams to get thru tests etc. For this they need a full scale tram railroad which can give the newly built trams all possible
challenges - uphill climbs, hard curves and so on. For this they have built such a track right thru the small village. Now, on a daily basis the small typical Russian settlement gets the ultra new (and old as well) trams cruising around daily. And the good guys tram builders didn't forget the needs of locals so they offer them free rides as well so the tram trail is a fully functional metro rail but deep deep in the woods. Here are some more photos:

5 Girl Keeps Her Car Warm In Winter

Girl Keeps Her Car Warm In Winter

There is a girl in Bashkiria who probably likes her car very much. She does her best to
protect it from cold. You may laugh, but it works! Her Daewoo Matiz starts even at -34C!

1 A Flight Into The Future

A Flight Into The Future

Let's visit a new A350-900 XWB (MSN3) jetliner which is related to a family of new-generation aircraft
that corresponds to the requirements of the market perfectly due to the size, range and comfort.
7 People Just go and Burn Down BMW X6

People Just go and Burn Down BMW X6

If people decided to burn down their neighbors car in Moscow, Russia, then they burn BMW X6 - it's more expensive and the fire site would be more cinematic. Why did they burn it?
Because he parked on their lawn, that's what they say. Can we see them in real time caught on camera lighting it up? Yes we can, there is a video embedded down below.
3 If Then  in Russia

If Then in Russia

  Hello and here we have a few photos answering the question If? but adapted to local conditions. For example, to make an idea clear: if you need to make your door so that it could open softly, doesn't rust and doesn't make annoying squeaks then you
might want to use a pair of old rubber flappers and use them like pair of door hinges. Just like on the pic above. Want to see more? We have more! For instance: If you need to clean the snow of your car in the morning in Moscow, then...
7 Antiterrorist Training Of Russian Soldiers In Ossetia

Antiterrorist Training Of Russian Soldiers In Ossetia

Private images of a soldier who participated in antiterrorist training whose main purpose was to demonstrate power of the Russian army
to the neighbouring state to prevent it from the unreasonable actions of August 2008 - it didn't work, as you know...
6 So Many Tanks In One Place!

So Many Tanks In One Place!

This post is about the Kharkov armor repair plant, Ukraine. Many
tanks and many apocalyptic pictures. You gonna like them.

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