3 The Brightest Infinity

The Brightest Infinity

Pictures of the awesome bright car -
Infiniti QX56 "Yellow Submarine".
4 Colorful Army Drill

Colorful Army Drill

The best moments of the colorful army drill
that was held under Moscow the other day.

2 New Russian Electric Vehicles

New Russian Electric Vehicles

Such electric vehicles are made in the Astrakhan region of Russia and promised to be put into serial production. Their
speed is specially limited to 60km/h. The quality is not worse than of the most popular Russian modern cars.
7 Driving In Russia

Driving In Russia

Do not be surprised to see fighters or
helicopters flying low over your car in
5 Soviet Pion Gun

Soviet Pion Gun

The 2S7 Pion is a Soviet self-propelled gun also called
"Malka". Inside this post you may see the vehicle close up.
9 Motorcycle Vs Car

Motorcycle Vs Car

One street scene of a conflict between a car driver
and a motorcyclist. Watch the video to the end.

1 Cool Handmade Trike

Cool Handmade Trike

Average speed of this motorcycle is only 20km/h. But it's cool not because of the engine power, but due to its uniqueness. The creator and owner of the bike calls it "the steampunk trike". It may seem that the bike was made from random stuff but in fact each detail was thoroughly selected to match the general style of the model. An oak barrel serves as a hood and the electric engine is covered by a champagne
bucket. Drinking bowl replaced the glass of the light. The hand brake is a metal hand with creepy manicure. Even a musical box is mounted! The back of the seat is covered with an anaconda leather case. It took Igor from Bishkek two years to complete the bike. The most complicated work was connected with electronics.  Now, when it's done, Igor rides the bike every morning.
0 Construction Equipment Left On the Mountain

Construction Equipment Left On the Mountain

Some pictures of the cemetery of abandoned machines on the endless beautiful plateau Ay-Petri, Ukraine. Dozens of metallic monsters are decaying under the open sky since they were left by gasmen who didn't finish construction of the gas pipe line Sevastopol -
Yalta. They didn't do what they had to and didn't clean the territory after themselves - but who gets surprised about something like this today? The local authorities also do not care about the equipment decaying at this wonderful place for years.
1 Transformers Attack!

Transformers Attack!

"Finally Optimus Prime turns back and we,
sitting in our car, realize it is all over..."
0 Large Russian Opencast Coal Mine

Large Russian Opencast Coal Mine

Kuznetsk opencast coal mine (Kuzbas) is one of the world largest coal deposits located in Western Siberia, on the territory of the Kemerovo region. It has 58
mines, 36 coal pits. It is supposed that the age of the oldest coal of Kuzbas is 350 million years. Some pictures of the place are inside the post.

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