1 Russian Airport Trucks with Jet Engine

Russian Airport Trucks with Jet Engine

Yes, it really has a jet engine, the same one that MiG-15 and MiG-17 jets had. Those are pretty old jet engines, one of the first Soviet ones, and not used widely on the planes any more, but has got new life when mounted on the
airport trucks. Alexander, Russian photographer and aviation enthusiast has taken an effort to visit an airport and make some nice photos. Thanks to him  we will learn why the trucks have jet engines installed:
2 A Store Looking like a Giant Truck

A Store Looking like a Giant Truck

  This is a giant truck is not a truck but a store. Owners have disguised their store in this way like it looks some sort of sleeping auto-bot from
the movie. It was recognized by local Russian Guinness Record book and the owners want it to be included into the worldwide record book.

0 Russian Army Mobile Laundry

Russian Army Mobile Laundry

Denis, the blogger has visited a some sort of military exhibition and among all other stuff he saw the mobile laundry which Army and some police forces are now
starting using in Russia. So the soldiers don't have to walk in dirty cloths and can get a nice shoe shine at any time. Let's see what's inside:

5 Soviet ZAZ Super Car

Soviet ZAZ Super Car

Soviet car Zaporozhets or "ZAZ" - short for Zaparozhye Auto Zavod (zavod=plant) was a cult Soviet car. Cult in terms that it was hated by everyone because it was small, noisy, but same time strange looking and two door coupe. It was considered car of old people because they were given those cars for free, also people were getting them because they were the cheapest available on the market. They were air cooled, so sometimes they couldn't climb up to a steep hill. Some
kids were so embarrassed that their parents got the ZAZ so they were hiding on the backseat when on the trip around the city, lying down on the backseat sofa so that their classmates didn't see them. But not anymore! This guy from Ukraine, from the place near where those cars were originally assembled has built his version of Zaporozhets on base of the old car and it's a real head turner! See inside the process and the final result:

16 Biggest in the World Open-Pit Coal Mine and its Giant Machinery

Biggest in the World Open-Pit Coal Mine and its Giant Machinery

Do you see a bus on this picture? Look closer, it's near that giant machine which they call "buck wheel excavator". Wikipedia says its main purpose is: "to act as a continuous digging machine in large-scale open pit mining operations". What can be more larger scale than the biggest
world open pit coal mine in Kazakhstan built in Soviet times as the biggest Soviet open pit coal mine? Russian photographer Alexander Popov has traveled there and took this awesome pics and story so we now can take a look to!  So let's see those in detail:

21 Russian Legendary Bikes URAL

Russian Legendary Bikes URAL

"Ural" is a brand of Russian motorbikes, which has recently become a sort of cult in the USA for some reason. Basically, this is probably the only consumer automotive technology being imported into the States, and they say that even Brad Pitt has one. Why are they so popular its hard to say, but what is obvious is that this make and model has not been changed since the 50s or 60s, at least visually, and maybe that's what attracts the customers. In Russia, they cost
a fraction of how much they are being marketed for in USA, and this is why: a lot of top notch Western components are being used in those "Soviet" machines: Marzochi, Sanchs, Denso, Ducati, Yuasa, Brembo, etc - all those brands are used to assemble the bikes that now only visually remind us of their Soviet fathers. And here is someone has visited the URAL factory in the town of Irbit, which is in Ural mountains. Here we have it:

7 One Old Ambulance Soviet Retro Car Restored

One Old Ambulance Soviet Retro Car Restored

One guy in Ukraine had a dream to find the old and very rare Soviet GAZ-13 "Chaika" (or "Seagull") luxury car which was used (very rarely!) as an ambulance. He
spent lot of time searching for a car, as their pretty much rare to buy. Finally het got one and started the repair works. See what he got as a result:

4 Soviet Army Legacy Supermarket in Belarus

Soviet Army Legacy Supermarket in Belarus

Have you ever dreamt of your own armoured personal carrier? To drive in the countryside and scare locals away? Or maybe you'd prefer a cross-country vehicle to furrow frozen ground? If you are a radio ham you are twice lucky because you could find so much working material here! Blogger Anton (anton-petrus) has been there in spring - the
military unit belonging to the communications division of the Belorussian Mistry of Defence. This where they do real business! After the collapse of the USSR Belarus had a lot of equipment - most of it in an ideal condition. And they decided to sell it, places like this turned into a huge unique supermarket!

8 In the Metro

In the Metro

Moscow traffic jams bother people of the city a lot, at least according to what they say. So Russian blogger Ilya went under the ground into Moscow's metro to avoid his next jam. There he encountered what might be called "an underground
traffic jam" with people standing in line for hours to get back to their homes after the workday is over. "You can spend more time in a subway traffic jam than in a jam on the surface!", says Ilya. Let's see what he saw there!

18 Russian Federal Highway LENA

Russian Federal Highway LENA

A few years ago, we had this Russian road called "Federal Highway LENA" which runs for 1163 km. Some parts of it are paved, and some parts are a swamp
all of the time. In 2012, they decided to upgrade the road but from the photos of the place, it looks like it still isn't fixed. Let's see.

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