2 Combat Training of The Greyhound

Combat Training of The Greyhound

Combat training of "Patsir" (NATO name "Greyhound") took place in Primorye. It is a Russian combined short to medium range surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery weapon system. It represents the latest air defence technology by using phased-array radars for both target acquisition and tracking. Basically, what I got from explanations people left in
comments, is that a few air defense complexes are being used. Some of them are a larger range and can overcome targets further away. Then if the targets in question still managed to pass through the smaller defense complexes then this Pantsir-Greyhound came into play. Any targets who managed to get past the defense are meant to be met by canons.
23 Ukrainian Soldiers Keep Leaving Crimea

Ukrainian Soldiers Keep Leaving Crimea

More and more Ukrainian army forces are reportedly leaving the territory of Crimea. Here are a couple of photos. In the picture above, a
Russian soldier is showing the way to the Ukrainian tank, which is going to be loaded onto the train (north of Crimea, March, 27).
2 Missile Systems Under Disguise

Missile Systems Under Disguise

    Russian strategic rocket forces take necessary measures to enhance manoeuvrability and survivability of
mobile basing combat missile complexes - they need to be disguised well. This is how they cover their weapons. 
4 Perestroika That Never Hits the Road

Perestroika That Never Hits the Road

When "Perestroika" - a term coined by Mikhail Gorbachev, was a trend in one large country, another "Perestroika" which literary means "rebuilding" was conceived by the engineers of Minsk Auto Factory or MAZ, one of the largest Soviet truck manufacturers. This somehow unusual looking truck is
"Perestroika" itself. You might have already noticed a gap between the truck's cab and the headlights, that is because the truck was not one solid truck but rather a set of modules or blocks that could be conjoined. Let me try to explain what this Perestroika truck was about.

10 How Russian BTRs Are Being Assembled

How Russian BTRs Are Being Assembled

Here we get a chance to peek inside the factory that assembles BTRs, Russian military reconnaissance vehicles. It is a military oriented factory, so there is a special controlling unit making sure that you don't capture in your
viewfinder anything they don't want to be seen, however we did get those photos and I find them pretty interesting. The assembly of a BTR starts with a fully pre-made body. It comes from a factory nearby, already painted and

4 Making Communications For the Russian Army

Making Communications For the Russian Army

In Kaluga, Russia, they apply the newest technologies to make communication tools of the future for the Russian army - mobile communication
hardware, command and control vehicles, telemetry equipment, automobile electronics, telecommunication cabinets and racks, etc.
24 The Final Crimean Military Unit Is Captured By Russians Too

The Final Crimean Military Unit Is Captured By Russians Too

The final Ukrainian military unit on the Crimean territory that has 49 MiG-29 aircraft in service, was captured by Russian forces yesterday. The base in Belbek had been holding its territory, having no support from the new Ukrainian authorities. Its
military personnel, whose weapons were locked in the arsenal, were armed with clubs and one anti-aircraft machine gun. Following the fruitless negotiations, the gates of the unit were simply destroyed by the Russian armored troop-carrier.

2 Primorye Artillery Drill

Primorye Artillery Drill

Artillery-men of the Primorye region, Russia, have rallied for mastering all artillery systems they are armed with. They are going
to have practical exercises and theoretical classes. You are about to see photos of a live practice they have just had.
4 Training of Russian Missile System Crews

Training of Russian Missile System Crews

The pictures below are of the training of crews of the S-400 "Triumph" and "Pantsir-S" missile weapon systems held in the city of Electrostal,
Russia. The "Pantsir-S" is able to provide reliable protection of objects that are located up to 20 kilometers away and 15 kilometers high. 
5 Msta S: Russian Self Propelled Howitzer

Msta S: Russian Self Propelled Howitzer

Msta-S is a Russian (Soviet) self-propelled howitzer that was first put into service back in
1989. The vehicle is based on the T-80 tank hull, but is powered by the T-72's diesel engine.

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