11 How to buy a tank: A BRDM-2 Story

How to buy a tank: A BRDM-2 Story

A story from the Russian blogger who names himself "ntv": "I had to write this blog entry, since many still cannot believe I managed
to purchase a BRDM-2 (Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle). Yes, I really did buy it, and brought it to Russia myself".

37 Greatest Russian Inventions

Greatest Russian Inventions

200 years ago people still did not have electricity, good vehicles, television, mobile phones, Internet and other things we
cannot do without today. Some of the most significant inventions were made by Russians, and here they are...

3 Retrofuturism On Moscow Streets In 1938

Retrofuturism On Moscow Streets In 1938

Moscow, 1938, something looking rather futuristic is crawling along
the street...Just look at these curves, shapes and aesthetics!
5 More Haste, Less Speed

More Haste, Less Speed

Omsk, Russia. The driver of "Nissan" wanted so much to ovecome the
railway crossing but everybody knows - more haste, less speed...

3 Windmill Made of Scrap

Windmill Made of Scrap

This windmill resembles an awkward robot from an old science fiction story, its wide hands-blades either rotate or become immovable. The creator of the project, Moteyus Synkyavychus from Belarus, had estimated all technical characteristics of the
fifteen-meter windmill in his mind and made it from old auto parts. The power it produces is enough to provide illumination for his yard and shops, though he built it more for pleasure and entertainment, rather than for power supply.
0 What is this at all?

What is this at all?

Would you like or even dare to drive one of those? I even didn't think something like this
can be possible on a highway and looks like its pretty street legal. Want one of those?

1 Engineering Technologies of Russia

Engineering Technologies of Russia

More new and experimental, tried and tested and traditional equipment from the the third
international forum “Engineering Technologies” held in August 13-17th in Zhukovskiy (Moscow

15 Armored Vehicles You Can Meet In Ukraine Today

Armored Vehicles You Can Meet In Ukraine Today

Today, Ukraine is becoming the place where one can meet the craziest designs of
armoured vehicles. They simply use everything they can find in their garages...

2 Wartime Truck Emergence

Wartime Truck Emergence

It took three days to lift this AMO-2 of the war time from the bottom of the Msta river. Finally the
truck showed up from the 4 meters depth to be delivered to the Novgorod citadel for restoration.

1 Vehicles In the World Without People

Vehicles In the World Without People

The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone has many interesting objects worth seeing: houses of Pripyat, overgrown remains of Soviet symbolism, industrial radio factory "Jupiter', the fifth unit of the Chernobyl NPP... At the same time, there is
one more important element in the culture of this gloomy place that contributed to the formation of the current post apocalyptic reality. What we mean is the equipment left by people who would never come back.

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