Russian Mercedes Tuning

28 Brand New Mercedes, Not

Brand New Mercedes, Not

Before After When one has an old W124 Mercedes he can just live with this or he can't. If he can't he can build his very own new model of the car to shock the neighbors and friends, like
this guy from Rostov on Don Russian city. Such kind of tuning looks bit like the Middle Eastern modifications, I wonder if the doors are being opened in Lambo style.
Russian armaments exhibition
35 Russian Armaments Exhibition

Russian Armaments Exhibition

The formal procedure of the Exhibition opening was started with a grand marching of girls wearing hussar costumes. Before the show began any one could look at the displays – the creations of Russian plants were right at the allotted spot, and
there one could see not only the weapon of destruction, but totally peaceful tractors and excavators as well. The interesting part is that the most of the technical units in it are similar to those used in war machines.
21 Flood after raining

Flood after raining

It is common that after massive raining capital of Latvia - Riga - is
quite literally under water. Middle of June wasn't exception.
Russian flooding in Kiev
39 The Kiev Sea

The Kiev Sea

These days Kiev's downtown has turned into a small lake where everyone could give a bath to his car
or just wander around shoeless. People seemed to enjoy the situation and even smiled a lot.
Russian car with many lights

18 Say “No” to Darkness

Say “No” to Darkness

For sure the owner of this highly modded Russian car would light his way up the
Russian roads with so much additional stuff installed on the vehicle.
Russian car UAZ model

28 The UAZ Model

The UAZ Model

This story was circulating around Russian discussion boards this weekend. It's about an Italian guy who got in love with... Russian car UAZ
and because of that wanted to replicate a small but almost like the real thing model of the Russian utility vehicle.
Life in Russia 1
22 Life is Good

Life is Good

  Life is getting better in Russia. More and more almost new cars go
to the recycle facilities everyday, like those two Mazda cars.

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