25 Got drunk? Do not drive!

Got drunk? Do not drive!

Ten days ago there was a monument fixed up in Moscow. Frankly speaking, it doesn’t look like a piece of a monument at all, but it is still a memorial. It is destined to remind the drivers that driving while drunk is dangerous for you. The bottle of a monument is 12
meters high (45 feet~) and there are lots of crushed vehicles inside it. The sculpture is fixed in the run-up to Worldwide Day of Remembrance of Victims of Car Accidents. The sign on it states: “Got drunk? Do not drive! You will have an accident.”
13 All the Signs We Want

All the Signs We Want

Everyone knows about a dull state of Russian roads and everyday mile-long traffic jams. Guys from one of Russian magazines tried to conduct an experiment and lift the spirits of Moscow drivers up. Road signs say: 1 – Give a honk if you are in
love 2 – Put the headlights on if you are out of money 3 – Put the wipers on if you are bored 4 – Put the hazard lights on if you are sleepy 5 – Make a round turn two times if you are happy Video credits - 1
Russian Old Cars
11 Monsters of the Epoch – Forced Invention

Monsters of the Epoch – Forced Invention

For intra-factory needs it’s not always convenient and profitable to use ordinary equipment (tractors, pushers, loaders etc.) due to many vital reasons – either transportation of heavy details and aggregates from shop to shop or banal tightness of money for specialized machinery), besides, as a rule, there are a lot of unutilized materials such as spare parts or simply written-off
equipment that hasn’t been cut to metal junk yet. Necessity is the mother of invention and it’s not a secret – Russians are fertile with brilliant ideas – that’s how so-called “stumps”, “crocodiles”, “bigheads” etc. are born into this world with the only purpose – to make human life more convenient and people’s labour easier.
Museum of Long-Range Aviation
21 Museum of Long-Range Aviation

Museum of Long-Range Aviation

Dyagilevo is an air base in Ryazanskaya region, located 11 km to the west from Ryazan. There is the Distant Aviation Museum on the base where we will travel today. Let’s start our excursion
from TU-95, the soviet strategic missile bomber, one of the fastest planes that became a symbol of the Cold War. Russian Bear was made to attack anytime of a day, at any weather.
9 UFO (Unknown Floating Object) In Moscow?

UFO (Unknown Floating Object) In Moscow?

Well, guys. A strange thing happened recently in Moscow. All the onlookers of this were literally shocked. Have you ever seen a car, floating along the river but not sinking for good two hours? I bet that you haven’t. So, I will tell you how such an odd story came about. When some pedestrians were walking along the quay
they saw some strange thing in the Moscow River, neither a car nor a boat. One would think: what the hell? And so did all the passers-by. Some of them even began to hesitate which number they should phone first, rescue service to deal with the car or an ambulance to rescue them from the mirage.
luxury cars in Kiev Ukraine
40 Kiev Cars

Kiev Cars

We’ve seen a lot of nice cars from Russia here already. It’s no secret there a lot of them: a British journalist once said that only in Moscow could he see several Lamborghinis or Ferraris stopped at one traffic light. So we wondered if this was a cultural thing.  First we looked to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, another piece of the USSR that gained its independence not even twenty years ago. While the Ukraine has been less fortunate in terms
of natural resources, the stamp of Soviet heritage is strong and many Ukrainians even prefer Russian as their primary language.  So we deduced this could mean only one thing—there should be tons of luxury cars there too. Thus, we set on a brief examination of the streets of Kiev and it looks like we were right: yet another country with an average salary under 25 grand but with cars costing over $200,000.
15 Unwanted Atomiс Submarines

Unwanted Atomiс Submarines

The village of Porchinikha was made by soldiers as a base for atomic submarines. It’s the most northern point of the Kola Peninsula on the Barents Sea shore with the road. There are mistakes in maps, soviet cartographers put this road on the map instead of a corvine path. Drive on the off-road? I wouldn’t be that sure. I found this place long time ago, when
discovered a world of geocashing in 2004. One of the virtual caches buried here as well. It's amazing but since 2003 (the date of the cache burying) no one took it, everyone puzzled: "Is it a foot or a water path?" Everyone saw satellite photos and couldn’t get how it is possible at all to get here without taking off the ground.
14 Russian Roads

Russian Roads

As Russians there are only two problems in Russia: roads and fools. But time is changing, so are the problems to deal with. As well
as the way to do it. Environmental, for example. Yes, Moscow streets are dirty. Right, Moscow cars are not squeaky clean.
Russian museum at night
19 The Haunted Cars [30 pictures]

The Haunted Cars [30 pictures]

We had this place before, the place where tens of classic cars rust under the open skies in the open field among the tall grass and it's called museum. Now two Russian bloggers has
visited this place at night and it looks even more haunted when made this way. Some say it reminds the movie theater of 1960s but if it was from the zombie movie.
Life in Russia
21 Various Finds

Various Finds

Today we are having some various finds from Russian blogs recently. Like
this brown fish none could identify for sure what it was.

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