doorless russian mazda 1

20 Doorless Russian Mazda

Doorless Russian Mazda

If you leave your car somewhere around this city unattended you can get a... doorless car overnight. Such "door stripping" operation can save an owner of the same type mazda car a few hundreds dollars if he wants to repair
it after some accident and the thieves can gladly deliver the needed parts from some random parked car. Before, the mirrors and headlights were taken most often but it seems to be a something new one.
The Airport as Pilots See It 1
54 The Airport as Pilots See It

The Airport as Pilots See It

Pilots attend a medical examination, flight briefing, obtain an outbound clearance and
do many other things at the airport. See what they usually do in detail.
Going to arctic ocean 1

10 Back to the Arctics

Back to the Arctics

Winter is the time to go to the.. ocean. When the weather is steadily below zero and the sun never rises above the horizon it is the high time. High time to go and see the auroras in the land of no-way-getting-there-in-the-summer. There are no auto roads that way in summer. In winter
there is small chance to get there. Even if you have suv or big gas goggler jeep you still can be sure in reaching the shores of the Polar Ocean. Why people try to reach those salty frozen waters there? Maybe taking a look on the photos can give a clue.
Build metro 1

14 Building A Metro

Building A Metro

In St. Petersburg they have almost the deepest subway in the world, according to wikipedia: "The deepest metro system in the world was built in St. Petersburg, Russia. In this city, built in the marshland, stable soil starts more than 50 metres (160 ft) deep. Above that level the soil mostly consists of water-bearing finely dispersed sand. Because of this, only three stations out of nearly 60
are built near the ground level and three more above the ground. Some stations and tunnels lie as deep as 100–120 metres (330–390 ft) below the surface. However, the location of the world's deepest station is not as clear", however one of the St. Petersburgs stations is the world's deepest one. What a cool machinery they use when make dig for new stations:
The Moscow Underground 1
12 The Moscow Underground – An Outward Glance

The Moscow Underground – An Outward Glance

All in all the Moscow underground has 15 depots. “Izmailovo” was opened in January, 14th, 1950.
Initially it was a subdivision of “Sokol” depot and later it became independent.

22 Winter Drifting

Winter Drifting

When it is February, freaking cold outdoors and you have absolutely nothing to do during your lunch break – why
not to try a bit of drifting on your car? And that was exactly what one company of Russian friends did.

15 Junk Them All

Junk Them All

Old cars cemetery is not a funny sight at all. Looking at those shadows of the past you start unconsciously think of the eternal things. As if with real man’s eyes they glare at you with their headlights and you can even see a bit
of reproach in their look. Recently a newsperson from one of the Russian auto magazines went to a place where they junk cars to see what’s going to happen with our iron horses that already have had their days.
15 Ordinary yard on the Kiev outskirts

Ordinary yard on the Kiev outskirts

Pay attention to the background – customary dump ordinary yard of a customary high-storey
building. And what is there in the centre? Vice versa, zaporozhets, zhiguli, other junk?
Russian self-made Hummer 1

45 Russian Self Made Hummer

Russian Self Made Hummer

Recently we had a Russian guy from Kazakhstan who has built a Rolls Royce Phantom at home out of old Mercedes car. Seems that this trend is getting stronger. Now meet a Hummer car clone. It can't be called full replica as it is more likely a Russian approach for the Big Agressive Car that can be used to climb mountains, to sow and plough thru the fields, to clean snow and mud and even to... drive underwater. "I have
only one oxygen mask that can be used while you are driving by the bottom of the lake/river. Once we were crossing some lake and the car got stuck in the bottom mud. My passenger didn't have a mask so he had to swim out to the surface to get some air and get back down to me to help releasing it.", says the owner. And yes, it can drive through the fire too! And now the pictures:
Russian lada for snow driving 5

19 A Solution for Many Many Snow

A Solution for Many Many Snow

When you are having snow like on the photo above and you own just a regular passenger car you possibly risk not to leave your house for days or weeks while they be able to clear the way up to your gate. But, there is a solution offered by
some company in Kirgizia how to turn any regular car into powerful "Snow-Foot" vehicle. Inside the post after some more extremely snowy landscapes we'll see the photos and the videos of that cool vehicle idea.

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