Russian Lada car in ice  1

10 Ice Cube Lada

Ice Cube Lada

When those Russian men went fishing they were not expecting to see their Lada Niva in an ice cube some hours later. When
the frosts are strong it's not very much time needed to freeze the whole car into a solid ice rock.
20 Russian homemade snowmobiles

Russian homemade snowmobiles

This bulky machine constructed by one enthusiast retiree from the Russian city of Kirov is powered by the old Yamaha motorcycle engine and is entirely made of scrap. Fiberglass seat was formerly a part of a small carousel, gear shift lever was a part of an unidentified old Coca-Cola souvenir. The front skies are covered with
fluoroplastic, a material with extremely low friction factor. The main distinctive feature of this snowmobile is a big wheel instead of a regular for such kind of transport rubber heavy caterpillar made of metal and rubber. For this reason this monster is very light which allows it to drive on fresh crumbly snow.
Sunk parkings in Moscow, Russia 1

22 It’s Spring, Say SUNk

It’s Spring, Say SUNk

In Russia there is a saying, "Winter always comes suddenly", meaning that even if the last winter there were some problems with arrivals of freezing temperatures next winter they much likely won't be ready for
those too, and the winter and all problems connected with it would be "sudden". Now, winter has already passed but spring was way of a sudden even for the owners of those parking lots.
Road repair 1
19 Vladivostok road repair flashmob

Vladivostok road repair flashmob

This road flashmob was organized by a group of Vladivostok drivers disappointed with the municipal authorities neglecting their commitments in road maintenance. They gathered together a dozen of volunteers to repair
a one single pothole and collect some money for further repairs. But still their main aim was to attract attention to this problem an to put the municipal governors to shame. Hope they'll succeed.
20 Ingushetian Traffic

Ingushetian Traffic

Some ask, how is it to drive a car in Russia? Well if in Moscow or other cities it has some specific but in general close to usual means, then in some more Southern parts of Russia, they can get as interesting as this.
It was a normal traffic. Then normal people ran out of the cars, armed, argued a bit then continued their normal movement further. They say its from Ingushetiya, a part of Russia near to Chechnya.
14 With Car to Subway

With Car to Subway

From the title it's hard to understand what is this video all about, but it is just straight as it goes - in Russia, in Moscow specifically, you can go to
the subway station with a giant Toyota SUV scaring late night subway visitors and even police patrol (in the end of the video) won't stop you.
Russian ice saw 1

8 Russian Ice Saw

Russian Ice Saw

In Russia it's April so that's a hot time to go and saw some ice. For this you have some very cool equipment ready. Those shots are from
Arkhangelsk city, the port on the White Sea - they've got awesome giant chainsaws to go and help the river Dvina to crack its ice open.
Black Russian People Policemen 1

61 Russian Black Patrol

Russian Black Patrol

On April the First fool's day the police of Russian city Krasnoyarsk decided to play a prank on the local drivers. They have got dark skinned guys dressed as road policemen to pull the cars off the road for paper checks. In Russia you won't usually see an African policemen, simply because the population of dark
skinned people in Russia is much less than one percent. So it was really surprising for the most of the drivers. Also, when such photos were posted by a Russian language blogger he was accused in racism. All because of the title he choose. It said: "And now we take bribes in bananas."
10 Wounded Dinosaur

Wounded Dinosaur

In the potholes and mud of Ekaterinburg there stuck ... a missile system C-300 during
the rehearsal of the Victory Parade.  It was lying like a wounded dinosaur. 
Russian porsche crashed

10 Porsche Siberia

Porsche Siberia

Owning 500 hp Porsche Cabrio in Siberia gets you to
have some extra driving skills. Or...

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