Black Russian People Policemen 1

61 Russian Black Patrol

Russian Black Patrol

On April the First fool's day the police of Russian city Krasnoyarsk decided to play a prank on the local drivers. They have got dark skinned guys dressed as road policemen to pull the cars off the road for paper checks. In Russia you won't usually see an African policemen, simply because the population of dark
skinned people in Russia is much less than one percent. So it was really surprising for the most of the drivers. Also, when such photos were posted by a Russian language blogger he was accused in racism. All because of the title he choose. It said: "And now we take bribes in bananas."
10 Wounded Dinosaur

Wounded Dinosaur

In the potholes and mud of Ekaterinburg there stuck ... a missile system C-300 during
the rehearsal of the Victory Parade.  It was lying like a wounded dinosaur. 
Russian porsche crashed

10 Porsche Siberia

Porsche Siberia

Owning 500 hp Porsche Cabrio in Siberia gets you to
have some extra driving skills. Or...
Car destroyer 2

26 Winter Car Destroyer

Winter Car Destroyer

One of the St.Petersburg rope access techs who was involved in cleaning city roofs this winter had exposed some interesting photos in his blog. Remember a post about cars
crashed with ice some weeks ago? Photos here are very similar but their author confesses to intentionally drop huge icicles onto cars parked close to walls.
Russian olympic prizes 1

16 Cash for Winners

Cash for Winners

In Russia olympic medal winners win. At the end of the every last olympic games they have been awarded by state with some cool stuff. Last time it was something like Lexus
SUV and $100,000 in cash for each golden prize, bit less for silver and bronze. This year they get Audis and as for cash looks like it stays the same?
Crazy Russian cars 1

34 56 Examples of Crazy Russian Car Mods

56 Examples of Crazy Russian Car Mods

In Soviet Russia, car
builds you?
Ekranoplan 2
68 Ekranoplan


1987 was the year when the first 350 tons ground effect "ship" from the series of Soviet battle missile carriers was produced. It was called Lun after the Russian name for a bird of prey - hen harrier. Another name for this vehicle was Project 903. It carried 6 Moskit cruise missiles (SS-N-22 Sunburn in NATO
classification). Hitting four of them causes inevitable sinking of a vessel of any know type and size. The second Lun-class battle aircraft was supposed to be produced in several years but due to the end of cold war and partial disarmament the project was changed to a rescue aircraft and it was never finished.
World's largest sedan from Russia

33 World’s Largest Sedan from Russia

World’s Largest Sedan from Russia

Looks like the world biggest sedan car was build long ago in Soviet Russia. It originated from Russian truck manufacturer and had a 38.8 litres engine (38800 cc). It weights 28 tons and can tow up to 85 tons load. You might ask how much is fuel consumption? We've got the answer, it had probably world worst record
of 0.5 mpg (or 120 litres for 100 km). What else was cool with this car is that it had two steering wheels from each side (don't know why) and there were produced only three of them, and none of them is intact nowadays. Also there is not much photos of it, but still we have a couple.
snow terror in russia 1

13 The Snow Terror

The Snow Terror

"A new convict is suspected in mass terror, responsible for thousands of cars damaged and normal traffic disrupted all across Russian Federation. He's name is Snow and he is wanted by federal
government to be detained and appear before gran jury." Looks not very real? But could be a good excuse: if people can't control snow they can accuse it and try to sue it!
doorless russian mazda 1

20 Doorless Russian Mazda

Doorless Russian Mazda

If you leave your car somewhere around this city unattended you can get a... doorless car overnight. Such "door stripping" operation can save an owner of the same type mazda car a few hundreds dollars if he wants to repair
it after some accident and the thieves can gladly deliver the needed parts from some random parked car. Before, the mirrors and headlights were taken most often but it seems to be a something new one.

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