1 Kiev At Night

Kiev At Night

Kiev is a beautiful city. Its night views with
yellow buildings in the center are never boring.
12 Vapors of Kamchatka

Vapors of Kamchatka

Geothermal power station is such an electric power station that generates electric energy from the heat energy of underground springs and natural warmth of the
planet. Heat in the form of steam or hot water goes to the earth surface. Russia does not have many of them, though we are going to visit one right now.
4 That Is Lot of Meat!

That Is Lot of Meat!

How much does your car weigh? A ton? Or maybe two tons? That's heavy indeed! But what about 180 tons of
fresh chopped meat? Now we'll visit a factory that produces around 180 tones of sausages a day.

4 The Swallows Nest Over The Sea

The Swallows Nest Over The Sea

What you see in
the picture is the
Swallow's Nest castle near Yalta on the Crimean shore in southern Ukraine. It is the place that offers its visitors romanticism and peace. Read more...
5 Huge Quarries Of Ukraine

Huge Quarries Of Ukraine

The mining and refining facility we are visiting today is the largest producer and raw
material exporter of metallurgical plants in Ukraine. The main quarry is huge in size.
5 Summer Air Show

Summer Air Show

On 12 August 2012 the Russian Air Force celebrated its 100th anniversary. Let us
enjoy the pictures taken during an air show that had occurred next to Moscow.
8 One Old House In The Abandoned Village

One Old House In The Abandoned Village

Pogorelovo is an abandoned village in the Kostroma region. It used to be a rich state village. Ivan Polyashov was the
richest person in the village. He even obtained an order from the royal family and repaired the Winter Palace.
5 In A Military Airport

In A Military Airport

Let's visit a military airport located next to the
city of Ryazan. The photos are shown below.
5 Living Closer to Heaven

Living Closer to Heaven

The town of Mugrab, Tajikistan, is located in the center of
the eastern Pamir. The place is desolate but beautiful.
17 Testing Tanks On The Coast

Testing Tanks On The Coast

Acting training took part in the Primorsky region to demonstrate how tanks overcome water
barriers. The tanks were also shipped to ferries. Around 200 soldiers took part in the training.

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