8 The Hydroelectric Power Station In Zagorsk

The Hydroelectric Power Station In Zagorsk

The hydroelectric power station in Zagorsk is the largest hydroelectric pumped storage power
station in Russia. It is located in the Moscow region and has the capacity of 1200/1300 mW.
27 Schools Of Afghanistan

Schools Of Afghanistan

Maybe one day Afghanistan will become a peaceful and prosperous country and its system of education will serve as an example to be followed. One day a new educational system may be adopted, the population will be able to boast
of total literacy and thousands of well-educated specialists will participate in turning their native land into a rich country. However, nowadays the situation with schools is far from being good and optimistic.
9 Afghan Army And the Soviet Equipment Junkyard

Afghan Army And the Soviet Equipment Junkyard

Today we'll get a chance to visit an Afghan military base. The images below are parts of old 
Soviet equipment located nearby as it was not allowed to take pictures of the base itself.
11 Ice-Cream Stars

Ice-Cream Stars

Russian independent agency created this Stoyn Ice-Cream that can boast of unique design and acidic colors. It is made in the form of characters famous
throughout the world such as Donald Duck, Marilyn Monroe, Mickey Mouse and Mario who got a chance to materialize and acquire the taste of an ice-cream.
11 A Plane Crash In Karelia

A Plane Crash In Karelia

The Tu-134 crash near Petrozavodsk in north-west Russia was reported on June 21, 2011 by an eyewitness from a village nearby. The
plane flew from Moscow to the northern city of Petrozavodsk. 44 people out of those 52 aboard couldn't survive in the crash.
19 The Flight Training Center In Torzhok

The Flight Training Center In Torzhok

The Ka-50 (or Hokum' in NATO parlance) is one of two attack helicopters (the other being the Mi-28)
that were developed against a Russian army requirement for a new close air support helicopter.
20 The Russian Atomic Weapon Museum

The Russian Atomic Weapon Museum

The dangerous weapon of the millennium is located in the museum of  Zarechny town.
The museum keeps exhibits that used to be modern and secret just some time ago.
94 The Day of Memory And Mourning

The Day of Memory And Mourning

70 years ago, on the morning of June 22, 1941, the predawn silence was suddenly broken with missile roars. That's how the war started. Nobody knew yet that the war would be later considered as the most murderous one in the history of mankind. No
one could ever predict what inhuman hardships the Soviet people would have to come across. They were destined to gain the victory,  release the world from fascism and show that the martial spirit of a Red Army man couldn't be broken.
12 Celebration Of Thesis Defence In Russia

Celebration Of Thesis Defence In Russia

The Bauman Moscow State Technical University (MSTU) is one of the oldest and largest Russian technical universities offering B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in various engineering fields and applied sciences. The students on the following pictures are celebrating the completion of their
studying as they have just passed their last exams held in the 6th year of education. The procedure is as follows: pass your exams successfully, buy a bowel, a helmet and lots of beer, participate in the racing around the student's hostel and throw the notebooks in a window.
74 Unknown Facts About Russia

Unknown Facts About Russia

You may not be aware of how many
things have a Russian origin.

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