9 Huge Construction of the Bridge Across The Dnepr

Huge Construction of the Bridge Across The Dnepr

One stage of the most famous project was realized in Kiev, Ukraine. The remarkable event was related to
construction of the first segment of the bridge across the Dnepr river. Let's see the scale of the work.
16 The Death Race In Sevastopol

The Death Race In Sevastopol

Participation in a death car race gives you the right to cut off your rival, ram
his car, hit it in the rear and do anything that is not allowed on the road.
13 Assorted Russia, Part 19

Assorted Russia, Part 19

Playing basketball with huge portraits of the great historic personalities was offered as a new kind of entertainment in Siberia at a local exhibition. The foreheads of such
Russian famous people as Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Rasputin and many others were decorated with baskets waiting for the ball. Rather a strange way to reveal patriotic intentions!
15 The Military Exhibition Memorial-2011

The Military Exhibition Memorial-2011

The international exhibition Memorial-2011 took place in Moscow on the
22 and 23 of June. It was aimed at memorization of perished soldiers.
8 Seeing Off The Ships

Seeing Off The Ships

Today we'll have a chance to see the preparation for the maneuvers on
gun support river motorboats that take place in the Caspian Sea.
16 Separated From The World

Separated From The World

The Genoese fortress in Feodosiya is a town inside a city. Its
inhabitants lead an isolated life and don't like strangers.
7 Reaching The Stars In A Minute

Reaching The Stars In A Minute

Have you ever witnessed a missile launch? Anticipation and
expectation of the sight last much longer than the event itself.
2 Assembling A Sports Complex In Ukraine

Assembling A Sports Complex In Ukraine

The National sports complex Olympisky in Kiev, Ukraine is a universal construction and the major place holding football matches of the Ukrainian national team. It is the
major sports ground in Ukraine and one of the largest stadiums in Europe. The pictures depicting different stages of cable roof system rising are presented below.
5 The Ancient Fortification Monument

The Ancient Fortification Monument

Mikhailovskaya battery fortification monument of the XIX century is located on the northern side of the Sevastopol bay.
Today we'll reach the second layer of the casemate battery where an exhibition devoted to the heroic city is held.
9 The Power Of Methane

The Power Of Methane

3 garages reduced to dust, 5 others deprived of their metal doors, 3 demolished cars, 2 other cars damaged badly - the list is long enough.
According to the conclusion made during three consecutive expertises this accident was caused by accumulation of methane in the basement...

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