3 Central Air Force Museum in Monino bird’s-eye view

Central Air Force Museum in Monino bird’s-eye view

1. Air Force Museum in Monino needs no introduction, many of you were there, there are a lot of photos and videos from this museum, but there are not
so many photos from such height. Russian blogger went there and decided to take his drone to make the breathtaking birds eye photos.
1 Abandoned tropospheric station under the Anadyr

Abandoned tropospheric station under the Anadyr

  Not far from the Anadyr city, about 10 km, at the top of the hill of St. Michael there is a nodal tropospheric station called "Yukon" (8/104 (21/103) M/u - 74239), which is a part of the "North" communication system and a local civil telecentre. As a mobile and satellite communications are developing, the need of having such
an expensive object has gone, and in 2003 the station was finally closed. Telecentre was luckier and stood in a good condition for ten years more. There is no former luxury, but the remnants are still there, far away, attracting both local people and tourists. We also could not resist and went there.
6 How the old WW2 “Kittyhawk” plane  was lifted  from a swamp (22 photos)

How the old WW2 “Kittyhawk” plane was lifted from a swamp (22 photos)

  In 1994, a North-West search group from St. Petersburg under the guidance of Ilia Durinskiy found the place of the the "Kittyhawk’s" crash in the swamp between Kolpino and Otradnoe towns. The remains of the pilot and his personal things were also founded there. This post will tell us about the lifting of the plane and the determining of the pilot’s identity. In August 28, 2006 the plane debris were completely removed from the swamp. The pilot’s body was found in the
cabin of the plane. There were also found some documents, including a party card for the Kostenko P.N name. According to the data of the Central Archive of the Russian Ministry of Defense the "Kittyhawk" plane with such an engine number belonged to the 196-th fighter regiment. The plane was piloted by Senior Lieutenant Kostenko P.N, who meant to be downed on February 23, 1943 in the area of "Ivanovo riffles", covering the attack planes Il-2.
2 43 years in the pantry: new IZH Jupiter – 3, 1973 in a wooden box

43 years in the pantry: new IZH Jupiter – 3, 1973 in a wooden box

  About six months ago I told you about a unique "time capsule" - a completely new Soviet motorcycle IZH Jupiter - 3 made in 1976 year, which survived to this day in the original package. Then it seemed that it is unreal to find such a technique in the same preservation. However, just recently I
received an information that there is the same IZH Jupiter-3 in one of the villages near Kiev, and it is even an older model - 1973 and, what is the most important – it is in a similar condition, without a run in the USSR wooden box. I immediately decided to visit this rarity.

1 A large exercises of the 5th Army of overcoming water obstacles in Primorye

A large exercises of the 5th Army of overcoming water obstacles in Primorye

A training for the personnel of the formations and units of the seaside union of forcing the water obstacles took place in Primorye, at Sergeevskiy range, under the command of commander of the 5th Army general-lieutenant Alexei Salmin . The trainings were held in several training locations in which more than 70 units of various techniques and about two thousand personnel were
involved. Practical exercises were the first part of the teaching in which they needed to overcome water barriers on several types of armored vehicles, also different emergency situations on the water and under water, during which the evacuation of people from conditionally defective combat vehicles and towing of equipment was held were simulated.

3 How do Moscow Illegal Migrant Workers live

How do Moscow Illegal Migrant Workers live

Short introduction for those who are young and missed everything. In the perfect Soviet times there was such a thing as a registration. Now it exists too, but registration value then was much more important than it is now. There was even idiom "to get married because of the registration"! Registration was needed to live in a city, for example, in Moscow! Living in the city was much
better than in the countryside - more food, entertainment, and other benefits of civilization. For example, in the city you can buy sausage or boots! But you couldn’t move from Zazhopinsk to Moscow... - I thought I would be sent to Moscow, and I really want to see Comrade Lenin! - And Comrade Lenin really wants to see you in your own village!

6 Makhachkala – the garbage capital of Russia (47 photos)

Makhachkala – the garbage capital of Russia (47 photos)

One well-known blogger recently visited Makhachkala, said that the city has got a very acute problem with garbage disposal. The fact is that the town is like one big dump, where garbage
can be found at every step. Perhaps after this post, local authorities will pay attention to this problem and try to do something about it. Further, the author's words:

1 Abandoned Soviet Chukotka

Abandoned Soviet Chukotka

  \ This village was not on the maps of the Soviet Union, it was kept secret because of the military units located here. It is not on the map of Russia even now, not only because of the presence of the military, but because people have left this place a few years ago. 1. The
village is situated on the banks of the Anadyr Bay of the Bering Sea in front of Anadyr and was founded in 1968. The population of the civil part of the village was engaged in mining of brown coal, and the military secures the eastern borders of the USSR.
5 How accordions and bayans are made in Tula

How accordions and bayans are made in Tula

      The story of how we with a company of bloggers went on a fascinating tour to the Tula accordion factory. The factory itself is located on the outskirts of the city and occupies a
large area. Let's start with the inspection of the factory’s museum in which there are collected a lot of accordions which were issued previously and continue to be made to this day.

0 Lugansk 2016: Around the War Torn City

Lugansk 2016: Around the War Torn City

As we examined LPR capital in the past four parts, now we will go through the far outskirts of distant suburbs and immediate surroundings. There are also a quite traditional attractions like Slavyanoserbskaya manor in Aleksandrovskoe or memorial on the sharp tomb, there is an Aviation Museum under the open sky, that impresses not only with
exhibits but with many signs of war on them, and there is finally a lot of traces of town abortive siege by Ukrainian army in the summer of 2014, whether it is a destroyed airport or abandoned positions near from the unattainable happiness. This post is quite grim - but it is the last about traces of the war in this series.

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